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How to choose high-quality gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-14
Cotton wool gloves are more stretchable, but they can't be stretched too much. Because the elasticity has a certain limit, if you stretch it too much, it will inevitably reduce its elasticity. Although cotton wool gloves have high abrasion resistance, they are a kind of weft knitted fabric. If a loop breaks in the structure, it will cause all the course loops of the fabric to fall off and form holes. Therefore, when wearing labor protection gloves, you should prevent sharp or coarse objects from being caught in order to avoid thread breakage.  When washing cotton gloves, it is better to use neutral soap instead of hot water. Stretch nylon should not be ironed, because it will become sticky when heated to more than 150°C, and will melt at 200°C. The standard leather and artificial leather gloves to be purchased should be slightly looser and not too tight. When wearing it, try to avoid carrying sharp objects and greasy objects, otherwise, there is the possibility of gloves. Cotton wool gloves are a kind of cotton yarn gloves. The material of cotton yarn gloves is cotton yarn. There are many types of materials. Some are recycled cotton yarn and raw cotton yarn. The raw material of recycled cotton yarn is mainly from clothing scraps. In addition, the yarn drawn from chemical fibers is recycled cotton yarn, so the material is not as good as the thread gloves made of raw cotton yarn. Secondly, the common gloves are woolen, nylon and rayon. Cotton yarn gloves, the name is based on the material of the gloves. The shape of cotton yarn is a thread. Its raw material is drawn from cotton, so people collectively call it: cotton yarn. 1. Raw materials. Qualified canvas feels very delicate to the touch. Canvas is a coarse hemp fabric and must have texture. Only qualified canvas has a clear texture and has a very uniform and delicate feeling to the touch, while the fabric of composite canvas feels good to the touch. Rough, even hard. The real qualified pure cotton material smells with a touch of aroma of plants. 2. Lining and accessories. Compared with the lining of chemical fiber, pure cotton lining is much more expensive, but it is stronger, does not have the phenomenon of wire drawing, and has a particularly delicate feel. We often encounter this situation: the appearance of poor quality canvas gloves is new, and the lining is broken first, so when buying canvas gloves, the lining is very important! A qualified canvas glove, the lining determines the service life of the glove! 3 The color of cotton wool gloves. Canvas gloves, leather gloves, or labor gloves made of other materials have fewer colors. The main reason is that the color of the canvas fabric is fixed, it has not been dyed well, and it cannot highlight the diversity of colors.
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