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how many congressmen does it take to screw up a light bulb?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-06
Care for the middle screw base of the bulb method-
\"Use the bulb better \"-
Is the latest good idea for delegates.
Texas Republican Joe Barton apologized to BP last year in the Gulf oil spill, and recently questioned whether mercury or other dangerous air pollutants had a \"medical negative impact. This is a dim-watted bill.
The light bulb bill will repeal the federal lighting efficiency standard passed by both parties in the 2007 energy legislation signed by President George W. Bush.
The bill will also prevent any state from setting standards to reduce how much juice is used by the \"medium screw base General service incandescent lamp.
\"It will even prevent states from setting building construction standards that include efficient lighting.
2007 Energy decree-
For the old incandescent lamps, this has not changed much since the Thomas Edison era, wasting billions of dollars of electricity every year.
Instead of filling the bottom line for big power companies and companies that supply coal, gas and other fuels, the new standard will leave these billions of dollars in consumer pockets.
All this wasted electricity means more pollution, killing thousands of Americans every year, sickening millions of people and causing dangerous global warming.
Therefore, in order to reduce electricity consumption, save consumer money and reduce pollution, Bill 2007 requires that new bulbs produced from 2012 reduce electricity consumption.
Contrary to everything.
2007 The law does not prohibit incandescent lamps and does not force everyone to use compact fluorescent lamps.
The law only requires manufacturers to improve the efficiency of bulbs.
In the face of the challenge, bulb manufacturers have produced a variety of bulbs that meet the new standards, including 28-
33% more efficient than traditional incandescent lamps.
In the deal, they also created more than 2,000 new jobs in American manufacturing plants.
These reasonable standards will save American families $100 a year.
A total of $12 billion
Especially in these difficult times, they can certainly make good use of money.
These standards will also reduce pollution in all forms of power plants and avoid pollution equivalent to 30 large power plants.
This includes avoiding 100 million tons of dangerous carbon pollution per year, equivalent to the emissions of 17 million cars.
Barton, a staunch defender of big energy companies and polluters, cannot afford two cents for consumer savings and public health.
No, it\'s a \"personal freedom\" campaign for Barton and other light bulb bill supporters.
\"They had to pry the light bulb out of my cold hands.
However, there is no constitutional right to retain and arm the light bulb.
Fortunately, no matter how the House votes, the light bulb act will never become law.
Like many other ideological bills passed by the House this year, this bill will not see artificial dawn in the Senate.
This is all about catering to the angry conservative voters of House members.
But if I attend a tea party, I will be careful to use the bill for the term \"Middle screw base.
\"The article was originally posted on the head office blog of NRDC and reprinted with permission. Photo CC-
Authorized by James Jordan
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