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How do you install lag screws?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-01
In some ways, lag screws are the same as other screws.
They are common to put things together.
However, lag screws are terrible compared to regular screws such as wood screws or sheet metal screws.
They are big: they start around 1 inch2. 5 centimeters)long and 1/4-inch thick (0. 6 centimeters)
, Use lag screws when it is necessary to withstand a particularly heavy load.
They connect the wood around the house and they use it to build decks and stuff like that and they keep your apartment
Screen TV hanging on the wall for a long time.
Lag screws are a bit different from some of their peers.
Although the wood screws cut the holes themselves when they are screwed in, the lag screws are more like sheet screws because they need a guide hole to screw in.
To install lag screws, the material that will be screwed together must first be aligned.
Clip them together when they line up so they stay where they are.
Then, use a bit with a slightly smaller diameter than the lag screw and drill holes all the time in the material you want the screw to go.
Since the lag screws have hexagonal heads, you can\'t tighten them with a normal screwdriver.
Instead, you need to tighten them using a ratchet or nut drive.
Place the nut on the other end of the lag screw so that the weight it bears is evenly distributed along the shaft.
If you have the right power drill bit, you can tighten the lag screw with it.
Once the screws are firmly in place, you can remove the clip.
For the sake of comparison, special drives or ratchet are not required to install other common types of screws.
They are usually slotted or X-shaped
The head is marked in shape and therefore compatible with a flat head or Philips head screwdriver.
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