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How do plywood manufacturers survive for a long time in the case of obsolescence?_shanghai chuangji board brand manufacturer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-07
With my country’s demand in recent years, Wood panel product manufacturers have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain, which is bound to give many small and medium-sized enterprises extremely fierce competition in product quality, price, and cost. Therefore, some of the production capacity and equipment have been outdated recently. The manufacturers have been phased out. How can Wood panel product manufacturers continue to survive in such a dire market? The editor summarizes the following points:

1. Equipment

Equipment is the basis of continuous production. Basic production can only be achieved without equipment accidents in continuous production. Therefore, especially for some equipment with high probability of occurrence, first of all, we must actively think of ways to transform it to reduce equipment downtime and increase the number of old equipment. Operational rate, equipment (electrical appliances) that are frequently broken should be replaced in time, and you should be willing to invest, one point of investment, two points of harvest, and a great return.

2. Process Innovation

General equipment can exceed the annual production capacity of the original equipment (30%-50%). If this output is not reached and the equipment is very continuous, then the process must be started.

(1): Improve from the glue making workshop. Many of the glues used in production have shortened the curing time on the basis of meeting various indicators, and the cost is not high.

(2): Carry out technical transformation from the aspect of sizing. From the curing agent and additives, some chemical agents that promote curing are added to help curing, which can also shorten the hot pressing cycle and increase the output.

(3): Winter is the most difficult season to affect the output. The temperature can make the glue solidify in advance. When the temperature is too low, the curing time of the raw glue will be very long. It is best how to make the blank before entering the press Preheating in advance is very important, especially the current air duct dryer has a greater impact (because the material temperature is very low)

(4): Spray water on the upper and lower surfaces of the blank. If the blank can be sprayed with a layer of water evenly up and down and then fed into the press, the heat pressing cycle will be greatly shortened, because when the surface water touches the high-temperature press plate, the surface layer will quickly generate gas to impact the core layer, and the core layer temperature is at the steam Under the action of the rapid heating and curing, to achieve the purpose of shortening the hot pressing cycle.

(5): When the production speed is too fast, due to insufficient curing of the glue, various indicators of the product will decrease, such as internal bonding and nail holding power. At this time, some low-cost crosslinking agents can be appropriately added to increase The product quality finally meets the requirements of both quality and quantity.

Three, quality

Quality is the life of an enterprise, and no enterprise can survive without quality. The target quality of wood panel products can be divided into two types, external quality and internal quality. The external quality refers to the appearance of the board, the edges and the face, the edges must have a qualified shaving shape, the face must be delicate, and the internal technical indicators must meet the national standards. Intrinsic quality refers to the development direction of the company, such as the development of E2 level to E1 level, E1 level development to E0 level, E0 level development to super E0 level or formaldehyde-free development, and it must be waterproof, in line with green and environmental protection.

Survival of the fittest is a stage that the entire market must go through. How to survive among all Wood panel product manufacturers is to keep their equipment and technology updated, and to stay at the forefront is the most important thing. .

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