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How custom plywood is produced

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-06
Do you know about wood panel product customized production line? There are many people who don’t know this kind of professional production line very well. I don’t know what this kind of production line is. Then Shanghai Chuangji Wood panel product customized manufacturer will introduce Wood to you. Panel product customized production line.

Wood panel product customization production line is mainly to customize Wood panel product through a series of technological processes to produce the required products. Wood panel product customization is mainly used for interior decoration of furniture, construction, packaging, vehicles and ships. This product has a wide range of uses, good sound insulation and anti-moth performance, and will be widely used in the future market. Wood panel product customized production line is divided into chipper, flaker, dryer, pre-press, cross-cutting machine, hot press, vertical and horizontal edge sawing machine, sanding machine, etc. according to the customized production process of Wood panel product.

The entire wood panel product customized production line is composed of shavings preparation, drying and sorting, adjusting and sizing, forming and hot pressing, cooling and sawing, sanding and other sections and electrical control systems. The main process flow of this production line now includes: material preparation-chipping-chipping-drying-sorting-glue mixing-paving-pre-pressing-transversal-loading-hot pressing-unloading-cooling-sawing-sand Light-inspection and storage.

The above is about the production line process of Wood panel product customization.

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