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How could Baicheng’s boss not know the knowledge of the use of labor protection gloves?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-10
Two days ago, someone asked Manager Du of Baicheng Labor Insurance, saying that you sell this glove and that glove every day. Do you know the use of labor insurance gloves? Manager Du is really helpless. Has the business for so many years been done in vain? How could Baicheng’s boss not know the knowledge of the use of labor gloves? Take a look at the following explanation! 1. Leather gloves are mostly used in winter. People who sweat easily, wear cotton gloves, which not only keep warm, but also have good water absorption, and are easy to wash and change frequently. For those who go out to ride a bicycle, it is better to wear cotton gloves with flannel or floral cloth. One is to keep out the cold and warm, and the other is to reduce the pressure on the roots of the palms. Because the upper body is leaning too forward when riding, the weight is pressed on the two hands holding the handlebars, and the nerves of the hands are in the wrists, which may cause numbness due to compression. 2. The elderly have poor blood circulation and cold hands and feet. Wearing gloves can keep warm. Choose light and soft fur, cotton wool, and woolen gloves. 3. For people suffering from hand and foot chapped, the chapped intensifies in winter. Because the hands need to be applied every day, two layers of gloves should be worn. The inner layer of gloves should be made of thin cotton fabric, which is convenient for frequent washing to keep clean. 4. There are a small number of people who have a history of allergies to certain chemical fibers and should try to avoid wearing gloves made of this material. 5. Wearing gloves must be fixed for your own use, do not lend to others, and do not casually use other people's gloves to avoid spreading diseases. Scabies, etc., can be spread through gloves. 6. Pay attention to the size of gloves when buying gloves. If it is too large, it will be inconvenient for finger joints to warm up; if it is too small, it will hinder the blood circulation of the hand. Choose gloves that are convenient to wear and take off and suitable in size. 7. Children's skin is thin and tender, so you should try to wear cotton wool, wool or elastic nylon gloves.
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