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by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-09
For Wood panel product custom panels, there are actually many factors to consider when checking whether the quality is good or bad. Each manufacturer’s production process is different, and there are no certain raw material regulations for Wood panel product custom panels, so for the market In terms of custom wood panel products, the uneven quality is very serious. Shanghai Qin Ge will explain how to judge the quality of custom wood panel products:

The physical properties to be considered first include density, moisture content, water absorption, thickness expansion, etc. The mechanical properties include static bending strength, vertical tensile strength (internal bonding strength), elastic modulus of nail holding force and rigidity Modulus, etc., in terms of process properties, there are machinability, glueability, paint finish, etc. For special-purpose Wood panel products, electrical, acoustic, thermal, anti-corrosion, fire-retardant, and flame-retardant properties should also be considered for different purposes.

There is no difference between Wood panel product and medium density under the condition of quality assurance, but it is suitable for different purposes. Combining with the current phenomenon of the domestic customized wardrobe industry, a saying goes: 'We insist on the quality of the wardrobe board selection, and do not follow the trend, and do our own products. We win thousands of miles away with the idea of u200bu200b'eat the old but not change it.' Always insist on using solid wood particle board.

The above are several angles for judging the quality of a Wood panel product from a professional perspective. Of course, depending on the scope of use, various testing standards are also different.

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