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home improvement : even up flooring for a smooth transition

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-01
When removing part of the wall that separates the two rooms or making the opening to create the passage, sometimes the finished floor on both sides of the wall is different in level.
This is most common when the finished floor of one room is different from the other, or when a floor has been completed in a previous renovation project.
For the sake of appearance and security, it is better to create a unified level or provide an appropriate transition between the two levels.
A slight mismatch in floor level can produce tricky steps that cause people to stumble, possibly because of the unconscious habit of only lifting a certain amount of feet while walking.
It is necessary to create a unique visual transition between the two floor surfaces.
For example, when a part of the surface of the floor is done with tiles and the rest is done with wooden strips, there may be a slight mismatch.
Usually the tile floor can be from one-
Inches to seven
8 inch higher than the wood floor, this is due to the thickness of the ground floor under the tile plus the thickness of the tile.
There are three simple treatments.
One is to install a saddle to cover the gap with a wall that has been removed.
The best way to do this is to fill the gaps in the wood block or bar level with wooden floors.
The saddle is an in-stock molding material that has several widths in any timber yard and is then nailed to the filling block.
The top of the saddle shall remain horizontal or slightly higher with the higher surface of the two surfaces.
Another option is to DingTalk a quarter-
Round molding of the edge of the floor.
This will provide an appropriate visual transition and protect the edge of the tile from cracking.
The third solution is to fill the gaps left by removing the wall with the floor
Fill the compound with slope finish.
You can then cover the entire floor surface with a carpet.
If you want to create a unified floor, you may need to create an existing floor to create a unified plane. Building-
The Up method involves compensating for the height difference between the two layers with new floors and/or sleepers, which are a material installed under the floor where they act as padding.
The floors are generally plywood, scrap board, tempered hard board and cardboard.
Pine, plywood and hard strips can be used for sleepers.
Tiles and elastic tiles as well as laminate wood floor units require a fairly hard ground floor to prevent them from bending at their feet, which will eventually loosen the adhesive and can lead to cracking.
For these applications, the minimum thickness is 1-
Half inch or five inch plywood
8-inch scrap board is recommended.
If these materials are to be supported with sleepers, the spacing between them should not be greater than 16 inch.
It should only be used as the ground floor of the tile unit when the tempered hard board is directly laid on an existing floor without sleepers.
Solid wood QinGe bamboo flooring, usually-
Inches thick, can be nailed directly to the existing strip floor, or to any existing solid ground floor, or to the sleepers perpendicular to the interval of 16 inch.
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