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home clinic; bringing out the best in wood paneling: the right steps

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-05
Bernard gladstonemarch 11,1984 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before its online publication began in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
There are occasional copywriting errors or other problems during the digitization process.
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When boards are used for interior walls, they usually do not require paint or patching for many years, and are therefore generally considered almost maintenance-free.
However, as with any other internal surface, wood paneling does get dull and dirty --
Watch in time, so it needs to be cleaned or polished regularly if you want to keep the panel reasonably fresh
Find and retain most of the original beauty of natural wood grain.
In general, in order to remove surface dust and dirt, the most important maintenance step is to clean regularly.
If this is done frequently, this may only require dust removal with lint
While frequently flipping and folding the fabric, free cloth so that the clean surface is constantly exposed.
Rubbing with a dirty cloth will simply spread the dirt around.
Sometimes it helps to wet the cloth slightly with a very small amount of lemon oil, as it will help it catch and keep the dust;
Or you can use a spray specially designed for dust-proof cloth.
When dust removal is no longer enough to restore the original gloss of the wood finish and Hue, a more thorough cleaning will be required.
Boards should not be scrubbed with water and detergent.
Instead, use one of the various spray cleaners sold for boards, or combine wax-
Cleaner for the same purpose.
The solvent in these products will soften and partially dissolve the dirt and dirt on the surface so you can wipe it clean with another piece of cloth, but here again make sure you turn around and fold the cloth, once it gets dirty on one face, the clean part is exposed (
Or a new one).
It doesn\'t seem to help much if cleaned with a panel cleaner or polished wax (
It\'s a good idea to test it on a small part first, try one more brand)
, You may have to use a solvent to clean the surface more thoroughly.
You can use mineral spirits for solvents (paint thinner)
Or one of a variety of non-flammable \"dry cleaning\" liquids sold in hardware and household goods stores for cleaning greasy surfaces and fabrics.
Advertising just needs to remember that paint thinners are usually highly flammable, so be sure to make sure there is no open fire, indicator light or lit cigarettes and pipes in the room when you are working.
In addition, use any of these solvents
Flammable or non-flammable-
When you are working, make sure there is enough ventilation in the room and put all the rags in the metal containers outdoors for processing.
The ad poured a small amount of solvent into the pan, then dipped the rag into the solvent and wrung it until it was wet.
Wipe a small piece of wood with it at a time, then immediately wipe the same area with another dry rag to remove the softened dirt film and old Polish or wax.
After completing a whole panel, double and repeat the process to capture the missed spots and pick up the smear left by the first cleaning.
Cleaning with a solvent usually makes the surface dim, so the next step is to restore the gloss and add a protective coating.
This is usually done with paste wax or cream
Furniture polish.
Pasting wax is more work and needs to be polished, but it provides the most lasting protection for the surface.
Also, remember, cream-or oil-
Type Poland should not be applied to wax, so once you start using wax, you should stick to using it for future maintenance.
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When waxing, lay it on a thin layer and let it be placed for about 15 minutes.
Then cushion hard with a soft cloth or folding towel.
Electric polishing wheels can be used, but manual polishing is better.
The electric buffer usually leaves a vortex trace, and the polishing wheel may be stuck on the grooves of the wood and will cause wax accumulation in these grooves.
If polish is used instead of wax, apply a small amount again and wipe the excess parts with a dry rag after letting it soak for a few minutes.
Some polishing needs to be polished and some do not need to be polished, so please follow the instructions on the can or bottle.
When there are small scratches, gaps, nail holes or screw holes that need to be repaired and filled, you can usually use wax
Type the touch pad or pencil to do the job.
These are also known as putty sticks with a wide variety of wood
The hue color matches the tone of almost all finished wood paneling.
They are used like crayons.
Just rub them back and forth on holes or scratches until it is filled, preferably slightly above the surrounding surface.
Then use a piece of hard plastic (
Like a credit card)
Scrape off the excess
Keep it on the edge so it\'s almost right angle to the surface and scrape over the top of the fill
In a flat area.
Scratches in the finish only (Not in the wood)
So, too shallow to actually fill, or leave very fine scratches marked in white, even if they are too small to fill, by touching them with a little stain of the same color as the finish, it can almost become unobtrusive.
If you can\'t find a fully matched wood stain, you may have to buy two cans of small stains of similar color and mix them together to get the right shade.
Before applying the stain, wipe the scratch clean with a rag soaked in the paint thinner.
Then apply the stain on the scratch with a small pointed artist brush or the tip of the small cotton swab.
Once you do this, wrap a small piece of clean cloth with one finger and wipe all the excess parts on both sides of the scratch so that the stain is only inside the actual scratch.
If the touch is too dark now, you can wipe it off;
If it\'s too light, you can apply a second dress to darken it, but wait until the first one dries.
A version of this article was printed on page CN11 of the National edition on March 11, 1984 with the title: Family Clinic;
Take out the best wood paneling: the right steps.
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