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hidden deck fasteners for composite decking

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-02-29
Composite flooring is a leading building product used in the United States and many parts of the world to build decks.
However, because the composite floor is not really wood, it will behave differently in a year.
Composite flooring is a leading building product used in the United States and many parts of the world to build decks.
Many composite deck brands also offer a solid wood look, not a nasty plastic.
The appeal of building an outdoor deck using recycled materials has excited many builders and homeowners, eager to start building right away.
However, because the composite floor is not really wood, it will behave differently in a year.
This is the first thing you need to know: While the width of the hardwood floor expands and shrinks due to environmental changes in temperature and humidity levels, the length of the composite floor expands and shrinks.
This is an important difference.
Let\'s say that if the end of your Composite Deck Board is docked with your home, you may want to give some breathing space during installation.
Not much, of course, but enough to inflate the board and prevent bending, warping and cracking.
It is interesting to install the composite floor.
Many builders say it\'s OK to screw straight through the top of the board.
I totally disagree.
Just because composite panels are made of recycled ingredients does not mean they are cheap.
Screwing from top down means that the deck you finish will look decent from a distance.
And the closer you get, the more points you will see, the screw head.
Now, opponents outside will say that there are composite deck screws with colored heads that match the deck.
They are right, of course.
However, what these special deck screws or any other brand can\'t do is prevent the paste, mold and rot problems that end up with this deck installation method? Why?
Because this method is one of the reasons for these problems!
Let us explore this issue further.
Let\'s say you finished the deck installation in a hurry.
Top down screws everywhere!
Now, fast forward for a few months, a year, maybe two years.
It rained heavily, probably some snow, ice, and a lot of time for the water to sit on the head of each screw to rest.
At least some water will penetrate into the cracks that appear.
Where did these cracks come from? Think about it.
These screws enter the beam through the deck board so that your deck board does not move.
But if you remember from above, all types of decorations will move.
So with this in mind, the deck moves on its length and screws. . .
Does it stay where it is?
No, it will also move around.
These movements can be incremental, or they can be immediately noticed depending on the manufacture of the floor and/or the climate in which you are in.
In any case, the result of water penetration into the screw hole will lead to mildew and eventually rot.
These two things will make any deck look horrible and ugly.
So how can this be prevented?
Use hidden deck fasteners tailored for Composite flooring.
A composite deck fastener will be installed between each plate and directly down into the support beam.
You may have to make your own groove using a cookie connector or router, or if you buy the pre-
Composite Deck Board with grooves, all you have to do is drop the board, straighten it according to your plan, and then install composite fasteners using screws and drill bits. Thatx92s it.
Simple to pie, not to mention making your outdoor garden deck look the same as the new one for a longer period of time.
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