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hardwood flooring: information for beginners -

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-18
Hardwood floors: the information from the BeginnersHardwood can enhance the look of your home or business building.Wood is a versatile material that always aligns with the latest trends and interior fashion.Unlike other styles on the floor, elegant solid or laminated wood flooring can last for years without being out of date in appearance.Wooden floors set a warm and safe image in the minds of many children playing on these floors.High-Quality hardwood floors offer great value for your money: modern hardwood floors come in a variety of styles and can provide the right type of wood flooring to suit all needs.There are traditional hardwood floors and the floors are simply treatedClean parts, as well as laminate floors that are hard to scratch or March, which will look shiny and clean all day in heavy environmentsTraffic location.Laminated wood QinGe bamboo flooring is also moisture-proof for places where water is of concern.Popular colors for wood and wood species include :-Ash-Bamboo-Birch-Hickory-Mahogany-Maple-Oak-Red Oak-Pecan-The wood species of WalnutEach can become brighter or darker than the natural color of the trees.This can bring almost endless colors.Charts are available for consumers to choose from in professional flooring stores.In addition, many professional QinGe bamboo flooring stores will order special flooring wood for their customers as per their requirements.By asking, consumers can get exotic wood such as zebrawood, cork trees, blood Wood, padouk and teak.There are hundreds of laminate flooring and hardwood floors to choose from today.Hardwood floors can be installed on wooden strips, boards, or mosaics, and flower patterns.The typical width of the floor board starts at about 2.25” across.The larger-The wide plank floor is usually between 4 \"and 6.There are so many options for the type of floor, the color and width of the categoryThe size of the flooring board, each hardwood floor installed in a home or public place, is very personalized and unique.The length of the floor slats or boards can be similar, or made into random lengths for the pattern.For up-to-For date information on exciting new options in hardwood flooring products, please contact your favorite professional flooring store.The employees of these stores are always excellent sources of information about the latest technologies and trends in the flooring industry.These people can provide information about hardwood flooring products, laminated wood products, heated wood flooring and various installation options related to these ideal flooring products.
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