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going against the grain: craftsmen are making plywood their material of choice

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-11
The original charm of a large piece of wood-made into a cabinet or table that will last your family and family for a lifetime-is rarely questioned.
But solid wood is an expensive material with less and less resources.
Its sturdy weight also makes it inflexible.
If you are looking for an affordable, durable, attractive, eco-friendly building material that will stand the test of years and may become a topic, plywoodIt\'s a re-
Molded Wood, in modern furniture, is often associated with cardboard and medium-fiber boards, as a cheap, rather crappy alternative to dense, authentic wood.
Plywood Geoffroy explained that it was a mistake, he was a Plywood preacher and one of some modern artisans and women with ecological consciousness who were in the advanced production methods and inspired design
\"Ply is the most efficient use of fast-
\"Growing renewable soft wood,\" said Geoffroy, who obtained all the Birch layers he worked with from off-site
The power grid plant in Latvia grows all the trees and recycles waste to generate enough electricity to keep the whole place running.
One of the benefits of Ply is that there is little waste.
To make it, cut a huge, thin \"carpet\" from the entire log, then cut it into slices and layered it into plywood.
When each plate is compressed, the grain placed in the opposite direction in each new layer.
The result is one of the strongest materials around it, much stronger than the medium fiber board, for example, the medium fiber board is too weak to make a chair.
It was so hard to use spruce layers to make havelan Mosquito planes during the war.
Earlier this year, Splinter bikes made of birch floors broke the land speed record for wooden bikes.
Geoffroy manufactures and sells his furniture from his East London workshops and shops until the last moment (untothislast. co. uk)
Like to play with these things.
He made stroller and crib for his son with plywood and vacuum cleaner.
His designs are very prominent because they expose the stacking appearance of laminate material that is traditionally hidden behind some kind of laminate material, which is considered too ugly to add color to our home
Most other people
\"The edges of artificial plates such as cardboard and medium fiber boards are very ugly,\" he said . \".
\"Ply is beautiful so we don\'t have to hide it.
\"His striking sideboard, chair and shelf show the whole naked glory of the Birch layer, making a feature with this material, rather than the way it is processed hidden under the guise of a solid wood product.
Apart from aesthetics, there are several reasons why we are used to believing that a solid wooden piece of furniture is definitely superior to a replacement for the first floor.
Although the plywood changes less than a piece of solid wood, it is almost impossible to repair it if you damage its edge, while the length of oak or walnut will wear out in a pleasant way, get an ideal \"life\"
In the \"look as you age.
Paul McCormack, custom furniture manufacturer (
Mccaka carpentryco. uk)
He works with many different plywoods for both domestic and commercial customers, noting that solid wood will be used longer than ply and does not require the same energy
But more trees are wasted.
Plywood is also a very flexible material for many designs that are not available in solid wood.
You can mold and shape it and use it to create huge flat areas such as bars or large working faces.
One of McCormack\'s biggest ply projects is to design a large office space with what he calls \"plywave\", a birch ply with a long curve, designed to open up personal workspace and storage space shows the laying edge.
\"Ply is a love/hate thing,\" he admits . \".
\"Some customers don\'t like the obvious thickness edges because they think it\'s a tacky material.
Others like the look.
Simon Springford runs TinTab (tintab. com)
A company in Newhaven, East Sussex that imports and produces Multiply, a plywood brand consisting of ash, beach, cherry, Sequoia, maple, oak, pine and walnut
He believes that Britain will fall in love with the miracle of ply, and most of our European neighbors have been through it for decades.
\"Furniture made of quality flooring is the future direction,\" he said . \"
\"In 100, ply furniture was the classic furniture we thought.
\"Springford uses laminated materials of different finishes and colors with McCormack and Geoffroy
Wood veneers to get the look the customer wants.
Fifteen years ago, he founded TinTab to serve customers who want a \"long fashion look.
The key, he said, is to use very durable thick veneers, and by using high-quality veneers, he can make furniture that looks and functions like solid wood.
Using plywood in great design is far from a new concept.
In the 1940 s, Charles and Ray Ames showed how versatile and hard
Good dress
It looks like a material that is made with practical products such as molded plywood and some widely praised leg splints.
It is also a political statement that good furniture does not require expensive materials, such as solid wood, alone, and can and should be available to as many people as possible.
\"Plywood provides furniture for the masses,\" said Geoffroy . \".
\"Ames is the founder of plywood design, and as a company, as a designer, it has to do with materials by using plywood to make useful products for everyone.
\"For 70 years since Ames was designed, the UK has been slow to explore the possibilities of ply.
\"Ply has a lot of scope, but we only use one way in this country,\" Springfield said . \".
\"In Europe, they have been using Glulam beams for a long time-wooden beams made in the same way as ply-and here we still use solid beams.
There are high-rise buildings built by ply.
It won\'t break up as it used to be, so it\'s a good building material.
\"If nothing else, when it comes to ply, of course we can understand the spirit of production through channels.
We mainly use birch layer here, but not all FSC-
Certified wood like Geoffroy is from Latvia.
Springford received his orders from some factories across Europe, similar to those in Latvia, but we are still importing large quantities of unsustainable orders.
If we are ready to reconsider ply as a material to show off at home, we should also consider its origin.
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