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Furniture materials develop from singularity to diversification

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-08
Density board is also called fiberboard. It is made by immersing wood, tree technology and other objects in water and then hot grinding, paving, and hot pressing. It is made of wood fiber or other plant fibers and applied with urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesives. Man-made panels made of.

Because MDF is soft, impact-resistant, high strength, uniform density after pressing, and easy to reprocess, it is a good material for making furniture abroad, but the disadvantage is that it has poor water resistance.

Medium and high-density boards are made by grinding small-caliber wood with glue under high temperature and high pressure. It is now commonly used, and the standard for height boards in my country is several times lower than the international standards. Therefore, the density board The quality of use in our country needs to be improved.

The most easily confused with MDF is the multilayer board:

Solid wood multi-layer flooring is made of multi-layer boards arranged in crisscross pattern as the base material, and high-quality precious wood is selected as the panel. After coating with resin glue, it is made by high temperature and high pressure in a hot press. It is not easy to deform and crack, the shrinkage expansion system is very small, it has a good ability to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity, the surface layer can show the natural wood grain of the wood, and the paving is simple. In comparison, the solid wood multilayer floor is more economical than the solid wood floor. It is affordable, and the paving method is more convenient. You can use the keel like solid wood flooring or directly pave like composite wood flooring. The effect is even smoother and the anti-deformation ability is slightly better than that of pure solid wood flooring. Households with floor heating are especially suitable for solid wood multi-layer flooring, because it is more convenient because it does not hit the keel or nails, and it is not easy to damage the pipes.

The surface of the density board is smooth and flat, the material is fine, the performance is stable, the edge is firm, and the surface of the board is well decorated. However, the density board has poor moisture resistance. In contrast, the density board has a weaker nail-holding force than the Wood panel product. If the screws are loosened after tightening, it is difficult to fix the density board because the strength of the board is not high.

Advantages of MDF:

1. The MDF is easy to finish and process. Various coatings and paints can be evenly coated on the density board, which is the first choice for the paint effect.

2. MDF is also a beautiful decorative board.

3. All kinds of wood veneer, adhesive paper film, veneer, light metal sheet, melamine board and other materials can be glued on the surface of MDF.

4. Hard density board can be made into sound-absorbing board after punching and drilling, which can be used in building decoration engineering.

5. Excellent physical properties, uniform material, no dehydration problem.

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