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For plywood customization, imports must be better than domestic ones?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-08
Jersey gloves are gloves that people wear when working or doing housework. Well, because they have been wearing gloves for a long time, it is easy to sweat on the gloves. If they are detained for a long time, they will not be dealt with. Then labor protection gloves are prone to smelly and moldy, which will affect the next use. Then on how to use it, the following nylon glove manufacturer gave a brief introduction to the majority of users. Taian work gloves with sweat should not be washed at high temperatures, because the protein in the sweat will solidify and adhere to the fibers to form a macula. White, no high temperature water, no sweat. Cotton protective gloves should not be exposed to the sun and should be dried in a cool and ventilated place. Gloves are more resistant to high temperatures when ironing, and can be ironed at a temperature of 200°C. Adding some salt when immersed in water can not only prevent the fading of labor gloves, but also make the color bright and lasting. Newly purchased jersey gloves must be soaked in warm water at 40-50 degrees Celsius, then dried, and ironed with an iron after 90% dryness. When cleaning gloves, salt or white vinegar can be added to soak, and a small amount of alum can be added to high-end products. The washing temperature depends on the color of the jersey gloves. Under normal circumstances, the washing temperature is 40-50℃, and the light and dark water temperature should not be too high.
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