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flagstone flooring - how to install natural stone tiles

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-22
Natural stone tiles in the home are a very popular choice for QinGe bamboo flooring;
The design of any room is inseparable from their beauty and personality.
Their timeless appeal and quality means that if properly installed and maintained, the slate floor will be used for a lifetime and will even improve over time.
Slate floor tiles are available in a variety of sizes, surface finishes and colors, which means they are a different natural stone.
This fact, coupled with their durability, means that a unique and satisfying finish is readily available.
Installing stone QinGe bamboo flooring at home is an investment and the return is definitely high.
However, it is likely that you will hire professionals to ensure that the floor tiles are installed correctly, knowledge is power, and the following information may be helpful if you complete the task yourself; Preparation;
If you put the slate on the floor before laying it with mortar, the best result is possible.
The natural shape of the stone means that you may want to try a different pattern until you feel like you have found the right position. Mortar mixing;
It is recommended that you follow the individual instructions on the packaging you purchased for quantity and mixing.
It is unlikely that you will come into contact with the cement mixer, so this process can be done by hand.
Loading stones;
In order to place the mortar below, each individual stone needs to be lifted.
One trick is to apply more mortar on larger stones and make sure that each stone tile is placed carefully to ensure that there is enough mortar under the stone to fully glue it on the floor
Flat stone;
This stage requires a spiritual dimension.
Check the various directions of the stones and use rubber mallets to tap their levels if needed.
Application of sand;
Once you are satisfied with the position and level of each stone, brush the sand or dry mortar to mix in the gap.
After installation, sealing and other treatments are required to ensure the life of the slate floor tiles.
This process changes according to the type of stone, which is very important;
The experienced stone floor cleaner will have the powerful machinery needed to achieve the best results.
This process will also help the stain resistance of natural stone.
It is highly recommended to restore your slate with the help of professional stone cleaner.
Their rich stone expertise and experience will be used for professional cleaning products.
While cleaning the slate floor, if you have invested time and energy in laying your own floor tiles, it is likely that you will feel at ease, the use of professionals will guarantee the elegant look of your unique stone and extend its life.
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