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fix a pc power supply fan without needing screwdrivers

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-04
OK, so your power fan starts to make a noise from brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and runs very slowly.
Maybe the fan has completely stopped.
It\'s expensive to take your computer to the store, anyway, most people just change the power supply.
Well, this is a quick fix you can do with what you might already have --
No screwdriver!
Done right, repair less than a minute, can increase the life of the fan for several years.
First of all, let\'s take a look at these fans, how they work and what makes them fail.
This is a typical sleeve bearing fan.
The shaft is installed in a \"tube\" or sleeve very comfortably.
When the shaft rotates, it slides an extremely thin lubricant inside the bearing.
The lubricant is fixed by a rubber gasket (plug)
Under the sticker on the fan.
Some people don\'t even have rubber washers, just have lubricants on the stickers.
The problem is that the lubricant will eventually run out, the viscosity will drop, or just dry.
Note that the viscosity of vegetable oil or olive oil will drop faster than the oil that should have been a lubricant.
If you remove the power supply, turn it on and remove the fan, you can refuel it in this area and then put grommet (if it exists)
And the sticker is put back in place.
But what if you don\'t want to do all the work?
There must be a simpler way, right?
Let\'s face it, if your computer looks like mine, you really don\'t want to disconnect everything in order to fix the sticky fan or even replace the power supply!
On my system, there is a motherboard connection and then power up 2 chassis fans, 5 hard drives, 1 SSD drive and 3 optical drives.
To fix the fan, it takes a lot of wiring, and then after I reassemble it, I have to make it look neat again.
There must be a simpler way. . . . . . . .
Note: If your fan looks like the fan here, you need to remove the side panel and put the PC on the other side, but the fix still works.
Unfortunately, you may need a screwdriver to remove the side plate! LOL!
I recommend using sewing machine oil if you can find it, but most lubricants (NOT WD40 -
This is not a long term lubricant)will work.
The oil is a bit thick according to our needs, so it can only be tried as a last resort.
First of all, let\'s see if your power supply is in line with this fix.
Look at the back of the power supply and see if there are 4 holes in the center of the fan installation.
It wouldn\'t work if they weren\'t there.
Now you need a syringe or a precision oil tanker like here.
However, these tankers have a blunt end, so you need to archive it to an angle until it\'s like a syringe tip.
Now, at an angle of about 45 degrees from one of the holes above, pass the needle through the sticker and the rubber gasket and squeeze some oil.
Without a rubber gasket, the oil may start leaking out of the hole you just made. . .
Once it does, remove the needle.
If there is a rubber grommet, just squeeze in the oil and remove the syringe while doing so.
Once the needle comes out, grommet is sealed.
Power the unit now and let the oil enter the bearing.
Rubber eye-catching fans in the last few years after doing so.
How long did those who didn\'t change last?
But hey, you can do it again on the road!
If you can get some tape on the hole you make, it will take longer than you don\'t.
If the fan is already fully stuck, you need to move the blade back and forth until the fan starts spinning itself.
I found that popsicles are good for this operation.
That\'s it, you\'re done and you don\'t need your toolbox or you may not be sweating.
Most of all, you don\'t have to buy a fan or power supply or bring it to the store or spend a lot of time taking it apart.
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