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finding the right style flooring for your home

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-16
Wood is by far the most popular home QinGe bamboo flooring material for various reasons.It enhances the decoration of any room, is eco-friendly, and provides warm and timeless beauty over time, adding value.If you decide to install wood flooring, consider three types of wood QinGe bamboo flooring.These are wooden boards or blocks (carves) cut from the logs and dry in the kiln with moisture levels between 8% and 12%.They are then cut into various lengths, widths and grades by the machine and then processed in the factory with wax or lacquer.When the solid wood floor is installed on site, it is usually not completed by the installer.This wood floor is a hardwood floor placed on a cross plywood base.The thickness of the engineering floor ranges from 10mm to 21mm.They have several benefits compared to solid wood, including easy installation.This floor is a photo of the wood grain and then laminated on the wooden composite base.Not real wood;However, it does have many advantages compared to other floor types.The laminated floor is durable, not sensitive to moisture, and is the easiest to install.The photo texture is also good and it\'s not easy for you to know that it\'s not really Wood.No matter which floor you choose, it is important to be familiar with the methods that suit them.Floating is where the floor is not fixed on the floor.This method is usually used only where there is already a solid bottom (such as concrete.It is recommended to install floating floor only with adhesive floor fitting foam.It is not recommended to glue the floor together and float it.This is a popular way to install hardwood floors.It includes the use of hand tools such as tape measure, Carpenter Square, and hammer to pin or screw the floor onto an existing floor, seam, or Batten.There are different ways to accomplish the task in this way, including secret DingTalk, where the DingTalk gun is used to push the nail through one side of the tongue at an angle of 33 to 45 degrees.This method works for installing a floor on a solid floor.Always make sure the floor is completely dry and free of dirt and solid particles.When using this method, a continuous moisture-proof film is installed to ensure that the floor remains dry.Proper planning, preparation and execution are key to successful installation.Make sure that the relative humidity of the room to install or even store the floor is between 50% and 65%.The humidity is too good to damage the floor.Also, check that the floor you get is dry to the right moisture level: ideally 10%.The floor should also be stored under temperature control conditions before collection.This ensures that the floor is hardly needed if there is any adaptation before lying.Finally, if you install the floor yourself, please follow the manufacturer\'s instructions completely to achieve the desired results.
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