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by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-28
Sliding wall closet doors were popular in the 1950 s, but many homeowners later chose to replace them with double doors.
The double door is open so that you can reach more closets than the sliding door, and through the sliding door you can only reach half of the closets at a time.
If you replace the sliding door with a double door opening and you have a laminated floor, the installation is the same as any hardwood floor surface.
All the hardware and screws you need are included with a double open door mounting kit.
Before installing the double door, paint it first.
Let the paint dry.
Mark the door where the hinge is installed.
The hinge will connect the two panels on the left and the two on the right.
Lay your door out so that the door on the left and the door on the right are together to mark the position of the hinge.
Mark 11 inch from the bottom and 7 inch from the top, respectively, at the left door where they met and the right door where they met.
Place the hinge in place, pass through the hinge and insert the screw into the door to secure the hinge.
Measure and cut the door track to fit the top of the closet door opening.
Insert the screws into the track, in the proper hole, and into the top of the door frame to secure the track to the closet.
Insert the pivot plate at the top and bottom of the left and right doors.
The pivot plate is a pin that sticks out the door and enters the track, keeping the door on track.
When you open and close the door, the pin slides along the track.
Check the manufacturer\'s instructions for the exact location of the installation of the pivot plate so that the door opens and closes smoothly.
Typically, you install the top pivot plate on the inner corner at the top of the door and the outer corner at the bottom of the door.
Open your door.
Press the pivot plate pin, place the door under the track and release the pin.
The pin should rebound in orbit.
Note the position of the bottom pivot plate and mark the position on the laminate floor.
Remove the door and install the bottom door bracket at the bottom pivot plate position of the two doors.
Go through the laminate floor and drill into your ground floor.
If you install wall closet doors to the ground floor, you will find that they have additional security.
Hang your doors up and install them on the track above first.
Then push the bottom pins, align them and secure them in the floor stand.
Measure 36 inch from the floor, measure the horizontal center of the door, and mark the position of the two measurement encounters.
This is where you will install the door pull that comes with the door.
Drill a screw on the back of the door to install the door pull, then rotate the door pull clockwise from the other side.
Turn the door pull until it is tightly fixed to the door.
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