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Factors affecting the quality of labor insurance gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-15
are mainly used in automobile manufacturing, battery manufacturing, glass fiber reinforced plastics industry, aircraft assembly, food processing, etc. There are subtle differences in labor gloves used in different industries. No matter which industry is the most important or quality problem, it will affect labor insurance. What are the factors of the quality of gloves? Cotton thread is the basic raw material to form cotton gloves. The longer and thinner the cotton thread, the more natural twists it has, the softer texture and brighter color, the finer and more uniform the spun yarn, and the better the quality of the yarn. Compared with the yarn count of the same thickness spun from thick cotton, because the cotton thread is thin and long, the number of fibers contained in the yarn shaft is larger, so the area of u200bu200bcontact and entanglement between the fibers is large, which prevents the force of slippage between the fibers. It is also large, so the yarn has a uniform thickness and good strength. On the contrary, if the cotton thread is short and thick, the spun yarn will be thick and the yarn will be uneven. Compared with the yarn of the same thickness spun from fine-staple cotton, the fiber is thick and short, and the fiber contained in the yarn stem will be thick and short. The number is small, the number of kinks between fibers and fibers is also less, the cohesive force is small, the fluff heads exposed outside the yarn shaft will increase, the strength of cotton gloves is poor, the surface of the yarn shaft is also rough, and the texture Stiff. Therefore, it is usually said that good cotton spinning is good yarn, and sub-cotton spinning is poor. This is the reason.
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