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elevated bed from 3 sheets of plywood

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-09
I have tried the elevated sleeping platform before and built 3 other elevated beds, each with improved design and functionality.
This is the latest design, using 3 sheets of plywood and incorporating: in addition to preventing the embedded base of the short thick toe, the mattress deck is also designed to allow the mattress to sit on the deck slightly, let your knees and calves have a soft surface to touch, not a hard frame.
Here\'s how I can make a smart and simple bed rack with 3 plywood sheets.
Use cheap 3/4 \"-4\'x8\' (20x1220x2440mm)
I made this bed rack with 3 sheets.
I used cheap plywood because most of this structure would not be seen and parts would be painted and floors.
Designing the frame using CAD software, I started to measure the size of my queen size mattress.
I would like a continuous deck to have my mattress on it because the mattress is bigger than a plywood and I have it across more than two.
Next, I measured the height I wanted with a bed frame and made the sides and ends that matched the mattress deck.
To take advantage of the space under the bed, I designed drawers on each side of the bed frame with drawer cuts and components arranged inside the sheets.
To ensure that the bed is protected from any pure force, I have also designed an internal support to accommodate the interior and provide stability.
In CAD, all components are arranged on plywood to develop an effective cutting plan.
I used a simple cut on the edge to make a solid connection.
Including CAD drawings, please feel free to use or modify and print each plywood on your own paper for reference.
I used a table saw to tear the plywood into a rough part, saving a detailed cut for a saw sled or jigsaw.
I marked all the bed frame parts with a pencil to keep track.
Each piece is then polished to a smooth surface and neat edges.
If the plywood you use is of poor quality, you can take the time to fill in any cracks or knots with a wood filler and then smooth with sand.
The paint will be applied later and cover up any wood defects.
There will be carpet on the mattress deck, but the lower side needs to be routered to remove the sharp edge of friction when I get up.
Use a circle of 1/2-
On a desktop router, I cross the mattress deck sheet to make sure that there are no two connecting edges of the router (
Due to the fact that my queen size mattress was too large to fit on a piece of paper, the deck was split into two pieces).
To connect the two parts of the mattress deck, I used some scrap plywood from the sheets where the assembly was cut.
The connecting piece should be large enough to cover about 4 \"on both sides of the docking, but no structure is required as the deck will be fully supported by the frame.
Measure the connector to ensure that the connector is installed within the frame when the deck is installed.
To connect the deck part, I sank about 8 screws on each side.
After the drawer is cut off from the plywood, it is assembled on the square drawer base.
I decided to enhance my drawer by adding decorative decorations and some star decorations to my face.
You can find thin decorative cuts in the local craft shop.
I drilled the opening of the drawer, but the handle did not leave until after painting.
Painting makes the application easier when the frame is not assembled.
I used an indoor latex paint with an egg shell finish.
All exterior surfaces are painted, including the interior and exterior of the drawer, as they can be seen when opened.
The bed frame is assembled with screws at the edge connection between the workpiece.
The internal support is installed within the completed frame and screwed into place.
The mattress deck is then placed on the top of the frame and the pocket is screwed in from the inside of the frame to secure it in place.
Before laying the carpet, touch any place that needs to be repainted.
Lay the adhesive directly on the wood deck and then roll the carpet onto the adhesive to glue in place.
To ensure a good connection, I used bulky books on glue.
You can trim the edge of the carpet with a sharp hobby knife.
The drawer cut in the frame is high enough to hold the casters and enable the drawer to enter and exit the bed frame opening.
The casters screw into the lower side of the bottom of the drawer and roll into the opening.
The enlarged drawer surface I added prevents it from scrolling too far in the frame.
This simple bed rack stripped off all the unnecessary elements of many modern bed racks, allowing you to go straight to the bed and not bump toe stubs or knees into any part of the bed rack.
Instead, you will encounter a soft mattress edge that is perfect to come back and bleed --
Look out of the night bathroom.
The mattress is firmly fixed on the carpeted deck, and all the goodies are neatly stored under the elevated bed frame. Sleep tight!
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