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Do you make a method for judging whether work gloves are resistant to high temperatures?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-16
How to judge whether labor gloves are resistant to high temperature? 1. The material used for high temperature resistant work gloves is cotton, which can protect against high temperature and low temperature. It is often used to make low-cost high-temperature gloves or low-temperature gloves. 2. The second is leather. If it is kept dry, it has good resistance to low temperature. At the same time, its non-melting and non-combustible characteristics make it often used to make welding gloves. Since the inside of the working gloves is in direct contact with the hands, it is easy to be stained with sweat secretions. If left untreated, it is easy to make the gloves smelly and moldy. So as to affect the second use, here is how to clean the working gloves. Sweat-stained cotton cloth should not be washed at high temperature, because the protein in the sweat will coagulate and adhere to the fiber to form a macula when heated. White, non-sweat-free high-temperature water can be used. Cotton labor gloves should not be exposed to the sun, and should be dried in a ventilated and cool place. Gloves are more resistant to high temperature during ironing, and can be ironed at a high temperature of 200°C. A little salt can be added when shrinking and soaking, not only to prevent the fading of the working gloves, but also to make the color bright and lasting. Pure cotton labor gloves will shrink. Newly bought work gloves must be soaked in 40℃-50℃ warm water and then dried. When they are 90% dry, they can be ironed with an iron. When washing working gloves, you can add a little salt or white vinegar to soak, and high-end products can add a small amount of alum. The washing temperature depends on the color of the gloves, generally 40°C-50°C. The water temperature for bright or dark colors should not be too high.
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