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Do you know the factors that determine the price of jersey gloves? Gloves Information-

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-20
Next, based on the production and actual use of jersey labor gloves, I will introduce you to the shopping guide for jersey gloves. I hope you can choose a pair of gloves that are convenient to carry, non-slip, wear-resistant, waterproof, breathable, and warm according to your actual situation. , Better protect your hands. According to medical information, two-thirds of the sweat glands of the human body are distributed in the palm of the hand, which shows that the hand is the most sweaty part of the human body. In outdoor sports, activities such as crossing forests, climbing in the wild, skiing, etc. all need to rely on jersey hands to hold trekking poles, climbing from forests, rocks and sliding poles. In this way, a lot of sweat will be produced in the hands. It will make the palm very slippery and reduce the holding ability of the palm. In this way, it will directly affect the safety of outdoor activities. Here is a brief talk about how to choose a pair of jersey gloves. 1. The wrist of the jersey glove should have elastic tightening design and use professional waterproof zipper (gloves with zipper design), and the wrist of the glove should be designed to be lengthened. This not only prevents foreign matter and snow particles from entering the gloves, but also enhances the windproof and warmth performance of the gloves. 2. In order to adapt to the characteristics of outdoor activities, jersey gloves should be designed with fasteners and lanyards on the bowl to facilitate the removal and wearing of the gloves, and also reduce the probability of glove loss. 3. A good jersey glove fabric is of course the first choice to be made of GORE-TEX waterproof and breathable material, which is waterproof and moisture permeable. It can always keep the surface and the inside of the glove dry. The fleece material in the folder should also have very good softness. , Breathability and warmth, and have been treated with anti-pilling. Of course, the fabric should also have very good tear resistance. 4. The palm of the jersey glove should be fully lined with non-slip and wear-resistant non-slip rubber grain leather or genuine leather material, which can increase friction and adhesion. should stretch freely and be close to the hand so that the fingers can be used freely, which can increase friction and adhesion. The finger bends are made of fabrics, and the finger bending design symbolizes ergonomics. This design enhances the flexibility of the fingers and also has a breathable function.
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