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diy - tile flooring in the living room

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-20
Americans usually keep tile floors for the kitchen or bathroom.
But if you \'ve ever spent some time at the Mexican Manor, you know that walking barefoot through beautiful tiles in a space that isn\'t suitable for dripping water or bathing can bring deep exotic joy.
My husband and I spent our honeymoon in a villa in San Miguel de Allende with sartillo tiled floors.
Last year, when we bought a house in the living room with shabby carpets, we began to think, what prevented us from redecorating it here?
At first we were looking at the terracotta colored tiles and wanted to bring our honeymoon to our house as much as possible.
To be honest, I think we will like it too.
After all, it was the most romantic day of our lives.
But we live in Portland, Oregon, where it rains and the grass turns green and looks a bit inappropriate.
We wanted a tile floor with reference to Mexico but also respected Portland.
Right here, you know.
Then we stumbled upon the natural stone bricks and we fell in love again.
We chose a mosaic of random size, called \"Taipei\" under the shadow of green \"(
After Taiwan\'s capital)
This reminds us of the creek bed while hiking in the Oregon mountains.
Based on our experience, here is a small tutorial on DIY tile QinGe bamboo flooring.
For six months we have been walking through the cobblestone living room, I swear, in avacation home.
The happiness of marriage, or is there only one floor?
If we say so, we will say so ourselves. 1.
Make sure the floor is clean.
Basically, scrub with hands and knees.
Dust, oil, wax or grease will prevent the tile adhesive from working properly. 2.
When you plan the layout, start working from the center.
You want any cutting tiles on the edge of the wall. (
Ideally you would like the cut tiles at both ends of the room to be the same size, but using our cobblestone mosaic we don\'t have to worry about that. )3.
Lay the whole tile first.
When you are ready to do all the cutting tiles, go and hire a professional tile cutter. Seriously.
I won\'t name it, but I swear to love someone through sickness and health etc.
I thought he could cut the tiles himself with a round saw, in short we had to order another batch of tiles. Live and learn! 4.
Time-grouting cobblestone mosaic
Consumption, I will not lie.
It\'s a bit tricky too.
This tip is important: seal the Pebble tile before grouting.
Because the pebbles have natural finishes, they absorb the mud.
Insert a frowning face here.
But if you seal the tiles
Once the adhesive dries)
Look, there\'s no absorption.
Insert happy face5.
Cover the entire tile with mud. Gulp.
Wait 20 minutes.
Wipe with a wet sponge until it is beautiful again.
Hey perfectionist, don\'t rub too tight and the mud is gone between the pebbles! 6.
The grout tile floor is allowed to dry within 24 hours.
You two went out for a drink in those hours. You deserve it. 7. Seal it. 8.
Hi dear, am I home?
You can put your hat on, but please leave your shoes at the door.
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