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diy ideas for remodeling wood wall paneling

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-07
Wood wall panels were very popular in the 1970 s.
The paneling is a simple covering that can be placed on existing plaster or lathe and plaster walls.
If you have some of this paneling in your home and you want to know how to remodel it, you have more than one DIY option.
Drywall, paint or wallpaper are the three most common options.
You don\'t have to remove the paneling when you choose one of them.
If you have panels with vertical lines, fill them in to get a smooth surface and then paint or wallpaper on the panels.
If none of these restyling ideas make you laugh, removing the paneling might be what you want.
5/8 by installation-cosmetic surgery for the room
An inch of dry wall directly on the panel.
When you install the drywall, the thickness it adds will be flush with the thickness of the door frame and window decoration of the room.
Before the drywall is installed, remove the door frame and decoration for easy removal and then build the vacant area with wooden blocks.
Reinstall jambs and put the decoration back in place after tape, mud, sand and drywall painting.
Caulking and paint for a smooth surface.
The light switch and power outlet also need to be moved flat with the new drywall.
You might be surprised how good the paneling looks after applying a new coat of paint.
Special Wood primer should be used before using the finish.
Painting wood wall panels is one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform or update old wallsstyle look.
The paint can be used with a roller frame of 1/2
Inch nap roll cover and extension rod.
Place the painter\'s plastic on the floor and fix the paint with a paint tray.
Work with brush trim.
Consider doing two-
Look for a solemn upgrade in tone.
Paint the walls in a darker color than the decoration. Adhesive-
Background wallpaper, with a pattern that you like, will help a lot when transforming old paneling.
Measure the room, find out how many rolls you need and use a good wallpaper app knife to prevent bubbles.
Tool knives help when cutting wallpaper to fit the lamp holder and decorating work.
Overlap the wallpaper seams slightly to completely hide the wall panel.
If you can\'t stand the lines in the panel and don\'t want wallpaper or paint on it, please fill them out.
Buy a bucket of pre-mixed drywall mud and apply it to the online strip using an putty knife.
Along the length of the wall, go up and down each line with mud and then let it dry for 24 hours.
Come back and polish it smooth with 150 of sand
Sand grinding blocks.
The block will make sure you don\'t polish the mud out of the line.
Decorate the wall before painting or pasting the wallpaper.
Use a crowbar to tear the wood wall panel off the wall.
Pull out the trim along the seam, then pry the trim from the wall with a flat crowbar.
The adhesive may have been used to hold the panel in place, but enough to pry it will give.
You may cause a little damage to the wall below, but this is not something that dry wall mud can\'t fix.
Remove the lamp holder and power socket cover before starting to spy on the panel to avoid damage to the panel.
Once the paneling is free, you have repaired the walls and renovated and painted for the renovated finish.
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