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Did you choose the right gloves for Shandong labor insurance?

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-12
At present, Shanghai labor insurance gloves are divided into four categories in the market: anti-static gloves, dust-free gloves and anti-vibration gloves. Traditional fire-resistant and flame-retardant labor gloves are made of asbestos materials, and are divided into two-finger and five-finger styles, with three sizes of large, medium and small. Because asbestos fiber is irritating to human skin, it has been rarely used at present. Now, flame-retardant canvas or other flame-retardant fabrics are generally used to make fire-resistant and flame-retardant gloves, which are suitable for use in front of smelting furnaces, thereby reducing damage to human skin. 1. Nowadays, there are many materials used in the production of labor insurance gloves in Shanghai, which are roughly divided into the following categories: canvas; cotton; latex, rubber, etc. Shanghai labor insurance gloves use chemical raw materials. Cotton canvas gloves are popular in warehouse work. They are one of the main protective gloves used when assembling and processing materials, painting or light code work on KBK tracks. 2. When engaged in chemical work, we know that many of the hazards of chemical opponents are fatal. Therefore, the permeability, penetration and degradability of chemical resistant Shanghai labor insurance gloves determine their protective performance and can be effectively reproduced. Protect our hands when touching chemicals. 3. When the firefighters are doing fire fighting work, the hands of the firefighters are exposed to high radiant heat and contact heat. Therefore, forest fire gloves are specially designed for forest firefighters to protect their hands in this situation. Fire-resistant gloves are Shanghai labor insurance gloves that protect against high-temperature radiation and avoid burns. When we use Shanghai labor insurance gloves, we must select them according to their protective functions. They should not be used indiscriminately to avoid unnecessary accidents, so that labor insurance gloves can protect our hands from injury to a large extent, so that our work can proceed smoothly.
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