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Detailed explanation of the source of plywood custom panels

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-06
The birthplace of Wood panel product is in Europe, and it has been in existence for nearly 60 years. Its invention has effectively protected natural resources. And overcoming the shortcomings of natural wood, its non-deformable and stable physical properties make it widely used in the field of custom furniture production. Wood panel product custom panel is made of natural logs through cutting, crushing, high temperature and high pressure, which is more suitable for furniture processing and production and use. It has the advantages of not easy to deform and strong nail holding power, so it is regarded as the first-class panel in Europe. The main raw material for furniture.

In China, some people have promoted that Wood panel product custom panels are made of industrial waste, which has caused consumers to misunderstand Wood panel product custom panels. Wood panel product processing of customized panels requires extremely high requirements for woodworking machinery, otherwise there will be gaps in the saw surface, which will affect the quality of the furniture, so many factories do not use Wood panel product customized panels. On the other hand, it is true that some manufacturers use low-quality Wood panel product customized panels to produce furniture to save costs, which affects the reputation of Wood panel product customized panels. The disadvantage of Wood panel product custom panels is that it is not easy to bend the commonly used furniture panels. Because Wood panel product custom panels have high density and high hardness, the high-quality wood panel product custom panels in the panel custom wardrobe industry are definitely the best material today.

Since most of the early domestic production of low-quality wood panel product custom panels, it affected the reputation of Wood panel product custom panels to a certain extent. However, compared with high-quality medium-density wood panel product customized panels, Wood panel product customized panels have the advantages of light weight, strong nail-holding power, good moisture and water resistance, easier control of formaldehyde emission, and resistance to deformation. They are suitable for furniture flat surfaces. The place.

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