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Detailed explanation of the material classification of work gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-17
manufacturers introduced that the main material of labor gloves is cotton. According to the manufacturer of labor gloves, the main types of cotton cloth include city cloth, muslin cloth, coarse cloth, pyridine, khaki, gabardine, direct tribute, twill, poplin, linen yarn, seersucker, corduroy, thread, flannel, etc. How to distinguish cotton work gloves and rayon work gloves? The work glove manufacturer introduces you as follows: 1. Crease: rayon cloth is easy to crease. When the cloth is held by hand and spread out, there will be a lot of folds, and it is not easy to restore in time. Although cotton cloth has creases, it is lighter than rayon. 2. Hand feeling: No matter the thickness of the rayon cotton labor gloves, the hand feeling is mostly soft, while the cotton cloth is slightly hard. 3. Yarn count uniformity: The yarn count of rayon fabric is even, with few yarn defects; while pure cotton fabric is not as uniform as rayon, especially for medium coarse cloth. 4. Finish: Artificial cotton cloth has a flat surface, few yarn defects, no impurities, fine and smooth; while cotton shells, impurities, etc. can be seen on the surface of cotton cloth, the finish is not as good as artificial cotton cloth. 5. Strength: The strength of rayon cloth work gloves is lower, not as good as cotton cloth, especially in a humid environment, rayon has poor fastness. When drawing silk from the edge of the cloth, stretch, rayon is easier to break than cotton, so , Rayon is mostly thicker, not as light and thin as pure cotton linen yarn. 6. Drapability: The drape of artificial cotton work gloves is better, and the drape of cotton cloth is not as good as that of artificial cotton. 7. Color: The luster and color of rayon cloth are good. Compared with cotton cloth, rayon cloth is more bright and beautiful.
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