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decorating tips - how to choose wood flooring

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-19
The natural look and feel of solid wood flooring are very attractive.
It looks warm and mellow, practical and wear-resistant and can greatly enhance any home.
There are two ways to have wooden floors in your home.
You can lay a floor of wood on your existing floor, no matter what it is made --
Floor, cardboard, plywood, tile or concrete for quarries;
Alternatively, if you already have natural wood flooring, you can peel, Polish, patch and seal the flooring.
Either way, the result is a wear-resistant floor that looks beautiful and is easy to keep clean.
The wood can be enhanced by dyeing, special paint effects (such as painting) or the addition of colored carpets, preferably in a non-
Smooth wood is a slip pad on a natural background.
You can buy wood floor in do-and the adhesive and tools you need to install wood floorit-
Your own store, a department store with a large flooring department, or a professional flooring store.
In addition to the hard-to-buy, harder-to-lay parquet flooring, all types of QinGe bamboo flooring have installation instructions.
The main types of wood floor coverings are belts, blocks, mosaics and Cork/wood floors.
The floor looks very smooth and tightly packed.
It has a wide variety of wood, including Cork (
Pine, spruce and birch)
Colorful hard woods (
Cherry, oak, ash, Maples).
Each board has a tongue and groove to ensure tight fit with the neighbors.
The thickness of the floor can change from around 3/8in (9mm)up to 7/8in (22mm). Some wood-
Like the floor, the floor is solid;
Some are laminated and the surface is thin.
A worn layer on a thicker cork or plastic base.
This makes the floor more stable than it used to be and is unlikely to expand and shrink.
The wooden strip floor is also equipped with a wear-resistant melamine surface layer.
You can install all types and thicknesses on existing floors.
Usually, the board is placed on a special pad, wetproof sub-
Floor, fixed to each other with clip or adhesive;
They will never get stuck or screwed to the floor below.
This is the so-called floating floor.
It is essential that you leave an expansion gap at the edge of the floor and cover it in a molded form.
The thickest type can be used to replace the existing floor.
Carefully pin each board through the tongue to the floor support so that the nail head does not come out.
Block floor: this type of floor covering is often referred to as a parquet floor and is usually used on an existing solid floor.
A single rectangular block of wood is between 1in (25mm)and 2in (50mm)
Thick, spread on the herringbone, spread in latex.
Laying new block flooring is a job for professionals, but you can polish the existing thick block QinGe bamboo flooring in the same way as the old one and re-seal it.
Mosaic floor: this confusing floor is also known as a patchwork floor, consisting of tongueand-
Slot tiles made of fine wood strips.
Typical tiles are divided into four squares, consisting of four or five bands, connected together with wires or adhesives, mounted on a mesh backing.
The stripes in adjacent squares are at right angles to each other, so when they are laid on the floor, a basketball pattern is formed.
Stick the mosaic floor
Floor with special adhesive;
The construction of the floor allows a degree of flexibility so that it can cope with a slightly uneven surface.
Some brands are made by themselves. adhesive.
Cork/wood QinGe bamboo flooring: this is a different type of wood strip flooring.
It consists of cork on a plastic submarine.
Cover one layer with thin wood skin and cover with wear-resistant transparent plastic.
The visual appearance is the appearance of the wood floor, but because of the cork, it is quieter, softer and warmer at the foot.
Cork/wood flooring is fixed with adhesive.
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