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Cutting method of cotton wool gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-15
As a kind of labor gloves, cotton wool gloves are widely used. They are gloves woven by cotton fiber machines and are widely welcomed. What are the cutting methods of Hanbu cotton wool work gloves? 1. Unsealing: It is mainly cut directly by electric scissors. This cutting method is easy to produce lint, and it cannot be cleaned after cutting. During the wiping process, a large amount of cloth debris will be produced on the edge, and there is no cleanliness. Generally not recommended. 2. Laser cutting: through the laser instant high temperature melting, the edge banding is better and will not produce lint. After cutting, it can be cleaned with net shower and cleaning. The labor protection glove factory can make the product reach a higher dust-free standard. 3. Ultrasonic edge banding: through the vibration generated by the ultrasonic vibration unit (vibrator) (to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy), heat is transferred through HORN, and then the fabric is squeezed off by the cutter. This type of edge banding is the current cutting method One type, the edge banding effect is good and the edge is not hard. Heat-resistant leather: Treated to make the leather more heat-resistant and reduce shrinkage when exposed to flames. This treatment causes the leather to be in contact with the heat source for easy identification, and the leather will be dyed yellow. This treatment can also be applied to the scalp skin.
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