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Custom plywood manufacturers teach you how to remove formaldehyde

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-06
Many customers will have a pungent smell of formaldehyde after just decoration and play, which has irritating effects on human eyes and nose, and seriously endangers human health. The manufacturer Qin Ge uses practical experience to teach you how to effectively remove the air. Formaldehyde smell:

1. If it is purely to deodorize, you can use onions, peppers and other heavy odors to put it in between.

2. In addition to deodorizing, but also to remove formaldehyde pollution, you can use the more widely used activated carbon, including bamboo charcoal, charcoal, etc., which are sold on the outside market, and the price ranges from a few to dozens of yuan; also You can grow some green plants to achieve the effect of purifying the air, but it can't be completely eliminated.

3. Ask a professional air management company for governance.

No matter which of the above methods is adopted, it is impossible to completely remove the formaldehyde brought by decoration and furniture products, but it can reduce the pollution until it reaches the environmental protection standard. I suggest here that it is necessary for the newly renovated house To maintain ventilation, it is best to move in after the decoration is vacant for a few months. During the vacant period, all windows should be opened to allow ventilation to accelerate the volatilization of formaldehyde.

Also, before purchasing furniture products, you must carefully choose products that meet environmental protection standards. The domestic general environmental protection standard is E1. High environmental protection requirements will use E1 or even E0, while foreign countries use P2.

Qin Ge, 20 years of focusing on the customized production and Ru0026D of ecological boards and Wood panel products, the products have obtained the international E0 environmental certification, and you are welcome to inquire!

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