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Cotton wool gloves wholesalers must know the knowledge gloves information-

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-11
Cotton wool gloves are labor insurance products that workers are very familiar with. They can protect their hands very well. They are very suitable for general workshop workers or special laborers. There are many types of it, now follow the professional labor glove wholesale manufacturers to understand the specific classification! 1. Named based on materials such as: latex gloves, rubber gloves, jersey gloves, cotton wool gloves, cotton gloves, canvas gloves, fleece gloves, cowhide gloves, pigskin gloves, PVC gloves, liquid gloves 2. Named based on processes such as: Dipped gloves, hanging rubber gloves, cotton wool gloves, embroidery gloves, invisible gloves, labor protection gloves wholesale 3. Named according to the purpose: welding gloves, welding gloves, etiquette gloves, ski gloves, aerospace gloves, guard gloves, labor protection gloves, protective gloves , Work gloves, boxing gloves, microwave oven gloves 4. Named based on functions such as: high temperature resistant gloves, warm gloves, acid and alkali resistant gloves, oil resistant gloves, non-slip gloves, welding gloves, flame retardant gloves 5. Based on dialects such as: yarn Gloves, thread gloves (cotton gloves named according to the material), labor insurance gloves, protective gloves, and work gloves Labor insurance gloves can play a good protective role. With the continuous change and increase in demand, the types of labor insurance gloves are now more and more Rich, you should choose according to your actual needs when wholesale labor gloves, so that labor protection gloves can play a better effect.
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