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Cotton wool gloves wholesale and peacetime purchase maintenance small details

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-12
When wearing labor protection gloves, you must pay attention to safety. How to make the gloves perform their due performance while ensuring their safe use? are the gloves that can be worn to protect the hands during the operation. They are different from our gloves in normal times, and the difference is mainly in the materials and functions. Then, when wearing labor gloves, you must be aware of several aspects: gloves look simple, but they are still different from ordinary gloves. First of all, during the operation, due to the particularity of the operation, the cuff must be put into the mouth for safety, which is also to improve its own safety performance. Secondly, after use, the outer edges and lining parts of the gloves should be cleaned, and coated with slippery lime for smooth security. Special attention should be paid not to put them directly on the ground. Finally, a pressure resistance and power resistance test should be carried out every six months to avoid danger due to the degradation of these properties due to long-term use. As long as you can keep these three aspects in mind during use, and use them in the correct way, I believe that you can not only ensure the integrity and durability of labor protection gloves, but also ensure your own safety.
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