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Cotton wool gloves determine how big a company is

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-20
[Cotton labor gloves divide money]-Determine how big the company can be 1. After the money is distributed, employees can’t keep it secret. Employees must have a way to know who has taken the amount! 2. When the money is distributed, the employee's heart is hurt, and the boss's heart is also hurt. 3. The money was distributed, and complaints among employees started. 4. The money was distributed, and there was no gratitude, and the motivation for work in the second year was not significantly improved. 5. The money was distributed and the employee left because he felt that there was no fair return. 7. When the money is distributed, some people are happy and some are cursing. 8. The money was separated and the car was also separated. The employees were happy for 2 months, but the execution ability was not improved. 9. When the money was separated, the people did not gather, but scattered! 10. The money is distributed, the people are still there, and the heart is gone! [Conclusion] The boss has a pattern to divide the money, and if there is no scientific divide, it will harm the organization and seriously affect the organization's execution! www.sdbcst.con13954870080
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