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Cotton gloves are more suitable for rainy days. Gloves Information-

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-14
It is well known that there are many types of labor protection supplies, including labor gloves, safety helmets, work shoes, etc. In production activities, you can easily hit the head by falling objects without wearing a safety helmet. The safety helmet is not tied, and you bend over. It is easy to fall when working with head down, and loses safety protection; if you don't wear goggles, you can easily hurt your eyes by chemicals such as acid and alkali; if you don't wear work shoes, you can easily get hurt by sharp objects on the ground or scald by steel. The role of defense against injury. Whether it is worn correctly, or whether it is worn or not, the results are significantly different. If you don't wear it properly, you won't be able to protect it. If you don't wear it according to specifications, your personal safety will not be guaranteed during operation, and it will cause heavy losses to both individuals and enterprises. In the production process, safety accidents often occur. Some of them are injured because of the incomplete or incorrect wearing of labor protection equipment. Some of the consequences are serious, but more people have avoided work accidents because of the complete wearing of labor protection equipment. . Practice has proved that we must not underestimate the role of labor insurance products and underestimate their safety protection capabilities. Must understand and master the relevant knowledge of labor insurance products, and standardize the wear and use.
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