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concrete flooring: so chic it hurts

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-03
Hardwood floors may be a trend over the years and part of a dream home, but in reality people tend to choose cheap alternatives such as laminate flooring and engineered flooring.
Alternate use, mainly to share similarities, is difficult to choose between the two in a floor installation project at home or in the workplace.
So it is important to understand the difference between the two so that you do not choose the wrong one.
In the wood floor family, separate the engineered floor from the reinforced floor, both of which are very similar to sisters, but there are obvious differences in appearance and personality.
Both can be flawed, but in fact, rock is accompanied by every unique feature.
Enough suspense, let\'s check the difference before we get the best plan for your home.
The key difference in composition is the composition itself, in the case of engineering wood floors, the top floor is made of solid wood, while the top of the laminate is a photographic layer.
When the first one becomes thicker, the latter feels thinner in the hand.
Obviously, the floor of the project is the winner because it is very close to the real wood floor, although the laminate is not behind in copying the solid wood.
Cost and appearance of wood floor family-a-
Like, laminated material proved to be more expensive
Effective without affecting the quality.
On the contrary, due to the support of plywood, its engineering counterpart is quite cheap, but not as cheap as before.
Although both enjoyed positive reviews in this regard, engineered wood flooring took the trophy with an extra score.
This is mainly because it is very similar to solid wood, which is composed of solid wood on the top floor.
Since engineered wood QinGe bamboo flooring has more natural ingredients than laminated QinGe bamboo flooring, it is highly likely to develop mold and rot.
On the other hand, the laminate may not be waterproof, but can be moisture-proof in an acceptable range.
That\'s why it took the crown from its design opponent.
Durability when it comes to durability, the laminate is scratched
Wear-resistant layer to help it withstand intense foot traffic.
However, the engineering wood floor is prone to moisture and damage due to its natural composition.
Of course, the laminate stands out from other materials.
Unlike laminate materials, maintenance of engineered wood flooring requires frequent patching and waxing to maintain charm.
The top layer is made of solid wood and has a grain texture, which is said to accumulate dirt over time.
Therefore, it is quite difficult to maintain.
However, the laminate has a smooth surface and is naturally easy to wipe.
Maintenance is relatively easy and troublesome even with a white laminate floor-free.
Pets are suitable for families with pets-
Owner, the first choice of QinGe bamboo flooring is laminate flooring because it is more forgiving than engineering flooring.
Instead, the latter is made up of natural elements and scratches will appear soon.
The summary is quite difficult because both have some positive side and some disadvantages.
While the laminate performs well in terms of cost, durability, maintenance, moisture proof, etc. , the engineered planks perform well in terms of appearance, resale value and similar other factors.
So, you just have to think about it, weigh the most important factors for your home, and finally make a choice.
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