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Common'sickness' of melamine veneer

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-09
Melamine veneer has always been favored by consumers due to its flexibility, warmth and comfort. However, in the process of using melamine veneers, some symptoms will occur more or less. These diseases are essentially preventive measures. Let's focus on them below.


Because of the biting of insects in the board, piles of powder can often be seen on the surface of the veneer. The reason is related to the selection of materials. Therefore, in order to prevent insects, it is recommended that consumers choose a melamine veneer that is produced through a drying kiln spray steaming process. The second is to choose carefully. As long as you see insect eyes or bark, you will not buy it.

Dirty Board

After the melamine veneer is painted, it gives people an unclean 'gray' feeling. To avoid this situation, it is important to keep the surface of the board clean after sanding and before brushing.

Painted face

If the melamine veneer of the same tree species is used, there will be a big difference in color, and it is easy to show a 'painted face'. It is best to consider the selection and deployment of slats when using melamine veneers to prevent the appearance of painted faces.

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