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Chuangji Wood strives to be a conscientious manufacturer of plywood

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-09
Shanghai Qin Ge, a Wood panel product manufacturer specializing in custom wholesale of Wood panel products, has a factory in Guangxi and owns high-quality wooden raw materials. The plates produced by Qin Ge have high specifications, stable performance, smooth surface and wear resistance. It is the first choice for furniture production and home decoration. The melamine glue used has obvious differences in formaldehyde content compared with peers. It completely solves the harm of formaldehyde content to the human body from the source.

Qin Ge has been focusing on the production of man-made panels for 20 years, and has been adhering to the concept of 'integrity-based, mutual benefit and win-win'. We have produced reliable quality and affordable man-made panels.

Wood panel products can be used to manufacture various tables, cabinets, cabinets, beds and other furniture. Wood panel products produced at home and abroad are mostly used in furniture manufacturing. At present, various Wood panel products used in the furniture manufacturing industry in my country account for its total 80% of the total. In terms of construction, Wood panel products can be used as floors, wall panels, ceiling panels, stair panels and other indoor decoration materials; Oriented Wood panel products can also be used as cement templates, cement Wood panel products and plaster Wood panel products in construction. It can also be used as building components. The construction industry is the second largest market for Wood panel products, and some countries use more than half of it. Wood panel product (also called 'solid wood particle board') is a kind of wood and other raw materials that are cut into fragments of a certain specification, dried, mixed with adhesive, hardener, and waterproofing agent, and pressed at a certain temperature. Artificial board. Because the wood panel product has a relatively uniform structure and good processing performance, it can be processed into large-format panels as required. It is a better board for making furniture of different specifications and styles.

Qin Ge, the products have obtained the international E0 environmental protection certification, the products produced are flat and not deformed, and can be customized individually. Welcome to inquire!

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