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choosing the best flooring for your kitchen

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-15
Kitchen floor is one of the most vulnerable areas to abuse
Scratches, dropped porcelain, spilled juice, grease and sunshine.
Add these factors to the large amount of walking traffic in the area and you can imagine how much wear and tear the kitchen floor is suffering day after day!
If your kitchen floor needs to be replaced, you may consider these options: solid wood scores will be high if beauty and natural warmth are at the top of your list.
Also, it can be polished and patched several times whenever your floor needs a facelift!
However, solid wood flooring is more difficult to install compared to other alternatives, and it is easier to sag, change color and wear faster.
In addition, solid wood flooring cannot be installed in the basement and other wet places.
This QinGe bamboo flooring material is rapidly becoming a favorite solid wood flooring replacement for many homeowners today.
Engineered wood uses wood finishes on plywood and can float, nail or stick together like a plastic laminate floor.
The disadvantage of this flooring material is that it is easy to dent and wear fast.
Be careful with small leaks if you insist on using engineered wood as it can easily damage the surface.
Remember to be extra careful because the engineered wood can only be repaired once. Ceramic Tiles -
The tiles are perfect for any kitchen.
It can also resist some of the most common factors that cause damage on any kitchen floor.
What are the disadvantages of using this material?
It can be quite difficult to install a tile floor.
One more thing.
When cups and plates fall on this hard surface, they will surely break easily!
Laminated plastic products
If you are looking for a tough QinGe bamboo flooring material that is easy to install, you should consider plastic laminate material.
Plastic laminate is also considered the fastest-growing alternative to wood.
The best plastic laminate on the market can match the solid wood material.
Some are even better than wood in terms of anti-scratches, dents and moisture.
You will also be surprised by the variety of colors and designs!
However, laminated products may be damaged due to a large amount of overflow and cannot be repaired when there are signs of wear on their surface. Linoleum -
Most consumers often mix felt with vinyl.
However, there is a big difference between the two.
Although vinyl is made of plastic material, the felt is mainly composed of flax seed oil and wood products.
For homeowners who want a natural elastic flooring material that can effectively block dents, sunlight and moisture, the felt is clearly the right choice.
Also, the felt comes in a variety of colors and styles, so there will always be a felt for your kitchen! Vinyl -
Finally, there is vinyl.
If resistance and durability are at the top of your list, vinyl can be ideal for your kitchen floor.
It turns out that vinyl can stand the sun\'s UV rays, moisture and stains better than any other flooring material.
You can also choose from many of the designs and colors available.
Some quality vinyl products can even look like stones and other natural materials.
In addition, the installation of vinyl can be done easily;
You can finish it at any time!
These are just some of the most common floor options you can use in your kitchen.
Each of these options has unique features and qualities, as well as shortcomings.
Make this a guide to choosing the right QinGe bamboo flooring material for the kitchen and you will never go wrong!
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