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ceramic tile flooring professional assistance by reis grams

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-18

The tiles bring texture, richness and color to the room where the felt has not really been imitated.Tile floors can be installed in any room, but are most common in the bathroom and kitchen.I especially like their entrance, they are the transition point from the outside to the big room with carpet or hardwood floors.They are easy to clean and free from water damage.There are two basic types of tiles.Glazed and porcelain.For areas with heavy traffic, the glaze is the best and the porcelain works well in the bathroom.Porcelain is usually more expensive, so consider your budget and the area of tiles you want.The tiles also have many shapes and sizes.For the floor, however, I would recommend using the larger tiles of 12 Pax x 12 Pax.The foundation or foundation is essential for the correct installation.Usually it consists of plywood.As long as it is solid, it is also feasible to tile on felt or existing tiles.I also suggest that when tiling on the felt, you first apply the ring nail or screw 6 at the center of the entire area.The tiles can also be mounted directly on the concrete.Before installation, make sure the floor is flat and free of dust and debris in all cases.If needed, you can apply some leveling compound before applying the tile.Before actually installing the tile, it is better to put it in the room and see what it will look like.Pay close attention to how it extends to the walls, corners and cabinets, bathtubs and toilets.The trick is to spread the tiles so that the thick and short tiles do not appear where they are highly visible.After finishing, sketch out the most centered tile with a pencil and make two marks.These lines should be perpendicular to each other.Also pay attention to the most obvious wall from all the others.Remove the tile now.Next draw or capture a line perpendicular to this wall, which is consistent with one of the marks you make on the floor.Then, draw a vertical line in the first line.The second line should be centered on the first act, quite consistent with the second mark you make on the floor.After completing this task, re-Arrange some tiles along the vertical line to see if they are used up in a way that limits cutting and short and thick tiles.Once completed, remove the tiles and prepare for the actual installation.Again, make sure there is no dirt and dust in the area.Next, start at the center where the two vertical reference lines intersect, apply the ceramic adhesive or frankincense to the floor.Apply enough material cover 6-10 square feet if no cutting is required.Limit the number of majestic applications to 2-if cuts are required-4 square feet.When applying frankincense, first apply it with the flat end of the spatula.Placed in a relatively thick place, about 1/8 to 3/16 thick.Then turn the spatula over and run the notch edge on it.This creates a ridge in frankincense, helping to hold down the tiles more safely.The bigger the tiles, the bigger the gap should be.For example I with ¼ \"gap trowel for 12\" x 12 \"tile.Note: there is enough ceramic adhesive only in 30 minutes, as there is a tendency for this material to harden quickly.Once the adhesive is applied, start installing the tiles that work outward from the center.On the larger tiles you should butter them.Basically, before laying on the floor, apply a thin layer of frankincense on the back of the tile.This will help ensure a good relationship.When you are close to the walls or edges of cabinets, bathtubs and toilets, you need to cut some tiles.I highly recommend using wet-Saw.A Wet-The saw allows you to make very accurate cuts, large and small.You will also save money because you will waste less bad or bad tiles.Wet-The saw is not expensive and you will definitely install more tiles once you see your finished product.Wet-Saw can also be rented as a cheaper option.You may need to use the lugs when applying the tiles.The lugs are effective spacers of various thicknesses.I usually like to have a space between tiles that does not exceed space.Using the gasket will ensure the uniformity of the tile spacing.After the tile is fully installed, let it sit 24-48 hours before applying mud and walking.Grout has many different colors and it is very easy to install.Simply mix the grout with water or special adhesive and apply it with a rubber spatula.When turning over the tile angle, run the spatula in a biased direction.Once the mud is applied, immediately wipe the tiles of the excess mud with a wet sponge and a bucket of water.Wait 30 minutes to wipe any remaining Grout tiles again.Wait another 60 minutes and repeat it again.If the grout is left dry on the tile, you will have a lot of elbow work to scrape it off.Let the mud sit for 24 hours, ready to use and appreciate.
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