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ceramic flooring—what you need to know -

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-25
In many rooms in the home, especially the bathroom and kitchen, the tile floor is a tradition.Using tiles can make you look different from casual to elegant.This is a damp tile.Durable and easy to maintain.All ceramic floors are made of clay.This includes unglazed quarry tiles and tiles, all of which are used to make ceramic floor tiles.
The tiles are made and fired in the kiln, which is a high temperature oven of different sizes.They are difficult to use when taken out of the kiln, but the color is dim.They are usually the color of clay used to make tiles.
If you want them to shine, or add a design, you need to add glaze to the kiln and do a second firing.When it comes to ceramic floors, the tiles have a variety of sizes, usually square.The glaze used to make the tile shine and more durable is a glass coating.
It is applied to the surface of the tile and the color is as delicate or vivid as you want.In order to give the ceramic floor a unique appearance, a series of glaze can be applied to give it a special effect.Because these types of tiles are slippery due to glaze, the surface is usually slightly rough.
Mosaic floors can be made with tiles.
This type of ceramic floor is made of small tiles and set in place to form a pattern or picture.Because laying mosaic floors can be very complicated, you should install this type of floor by professional QinGe bamboo flooring company.In some floor shops, you can get simple mosaic patterns attached to the supporting materials, which secure the tiles in place during installation.
Use mortar when setting ceramic floor.
After curing, the space between the tiles is filled with grout, usually white.You can also get mud in several colors, which can enhance the pattern of the ceramic floor.To help prevent dyeing, the absorption of moisture-proof slurry is usually sealed.
It is easy to keep the ceramic floor by regularly sweeping the ceramic floor and then mopping the floor after wet.Cleaning the ceramic floor helps ensure the dirt does not scratch the tiles.When mopping the ground wet, use the product recommended by the manufacturer, then rinse and dry with a towel.

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