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Causes of defects in plywood surface processing

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-05
For Wood panel products, the first impression of many consumers is that it is not environmentally friendly. In fact, the environment is not environmentally friendly. It has a certain relationship with the raw materials during production. Natural wood does not cause harm to the environment, but in order to connect shavings and particles, Need to use glue, this is an important factor affecting the environmental protection of the board. At present, most of the glue used in the production of Wood panel products on the market contains formaldehyde. If the amount is not controlled properly, it is easy to cause serious environmental pollution.

Although there are now formaldehyde-free glues, their competitiveness is very low due to their very high cost. Therefore, in the future, formaldehyde will still be used in the production of Wood panel products. But don’t worry, there is another mature process to prevent formaldehyde pollution, which is through surface sealing, that is, Wood panel product custom veneer. For the furniture we buy, strict edge banding technology will be adopted. , Which means that the internal formaldehyde has no chance to be released into the air, and pollution can be effectively avoided. Of course, this also tests the ability of manufacturers. The more formal and big-name manufacturers, the more reassuring they are doing in this regard.

In summary, although Wood panel product customized veneers can reduce the pollution of formaldehyde release to a certain extent, in fact, this is only a symptom and not a permanent solution. Therefore, how to reduce the use of formaldehyde glue in the research and development of production processes? Is an important issue.

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