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big new twin-screw for pvc sheet.

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-03-07
Known as the largest parallel counterrotating twin-
Screw extruder has never been made, Argos 173 from Cincinnati extrusion, Erlanger, Ky. , has 173-mm diam.
Screw, 1mm larger than the record holder TP 172 before Cincinnati Milacron.
The next squeeze in Cincinnati-
The maximum size is 135mm.
The first Argos 173 is scheduled to launch last month at a large company in the United States. S.
Processor of PVC sheet for low manufacturing
Decorative board density.
It is designed to produce a solid or foam PVC sheet of 4400/hour.
The giant has 28:1 L/D, which is 9.
It is 5 m long and weighs 30 tons. It has a three-
Redesigned low barrel
Cutting screws, internal screw cooling and air-cooled barrel.
It foaming PVC from the initial density of 1.
4g/cc dropped to 0. 5 g/cc. Tel: (859)746-1530. www. cet-austria.
The mold is manufactured by EMO extrusion molding Co. , Ltd. of Michel Dov, Austria, producing plates with a thickness of up to 31mm and a width of 1400mm. Tel: +43 (7582)809 22 * www. emo.
The , essentially perfected by wood panel manufacturers, is one of the first home appliance to be widely distributed.
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