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best way of removing bathroom wall paneling

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-08
The interior decoration of the bathroom can break a person\'s home at the same time.
However, if it is done perfectly, it can prove to be an oasis and a peaceful place where you can easily use it to reflect your own way of life.
However, it can be very daunting to remodel your washroom and bathroom wall panels in order to achieve this, as it just means that you need to remove the wall paneling.
This process is considered easy and difficult at the same time, depending on the type of adhesive used on the panel and how connected it is to the wall.
The best thing is that tools and mechanisms are readily available.
However, even with such a guarantee, the removal procedure can be a bit confusing, and it will take hours even before it is completed, especially if your bathroom wall panel is wide, if the boarding is tightly glued together.
That being said, this is the best way to achieve this removal process.
First of all, make sure you have everything necessary to make the process easier and save you time.
Once you have everything, collect all the pieces with a rag on the floor.
When you do this, make sure you \'ve put on protective gear such as gloves, dust shields and safety masks.
Form first, especially if your panel is made up of molds.
Use a sharp chisel on the molded edge and hit it with a hammer to loosen it.
Pull its edges out once the molding is loose.
Do so until it is completely removed from the wall of the bathroom.
In most cases, the edge of the panel usually meets the wall of the washroom.
Although this is the case, it is worth placing the chisel at this point and tapping it with a hammer until it slides down the board.
Once done, just move the chisel with the aim of relaxing the edges.
Relax below the edge and you will find a crow bar where you will be prompted to push with a lever.
However, when you do this, be very careful not to cause some planing on the walls found below.
Once done, just grab the loose board and pull it to you in a gentle way.
Continue to pull to ensure that the material is not pulled in the process.
If you find wall paneling a bit stubborn, use the chisel step by step to relax the bonding between the board and the wall.
Finally, open the doors and windows to bring some ventilation to the bathroom.
Apply some adhesive remover and let it settle for a while.
Later, rinse the walls thoroughly with clear water and wet towels.
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