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before you buy: tips on choosing hardwood flooring ...

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2020-04-02
Classic style and elegance, nothing better than hardwood floors.
This type of floor adapts to stair pedals of all shapes with a wide range of different wood types, finishes and colors to choose from.
Known for its hardness and durability, Oak is a popular choice in terms of high hardness and durabilitytraffic areas;
However, most other kinds of hard wood (
Birch, maple, etc. )
Can be used on stairs.
Depending on the type of choice and finish, the price of the wood may vary greatly.
Wooden stair pedals unhandled or pre-treated
Painted or stained
If you are buying untreated, you will need to apply polyurethane varnish to them because the polyurethane varnish has a high resistance.
The varnish does change color slightly or yellow as it grows older, so re-sanding and re-
Paint is usually necessary after a few years.
To keep the wood looking good, the stairs should be cleaned with products specifically designed for hardwood floors or with water (
No vinegar and detergent).
Anyone with experience can install hardwood floors on stairsit-
You are equipped with the right tools (floating)
laminate is a very popular choice of flooring and can also be used on stairs.
Laminated products have a wide variety of colors and quality, mainly from high
Density fiber board (HDF)
Cover with photographic images and a protective layer of paint.
Most laminate floors look like wood, but some companies offer tile-like products as well.
Laminate is an economical alternative to real hardwood floors or tiles as well as some thinner materials (6 mm)
Products are sold for a very competitive price, but they are less durable than the more robust and expensive options with a thickness of up to 12mm.
The laminate flooring installation is very simple and it can cover most of the existing surfaces in addition to the carpet.
A film is laid under the laminate to absorb sound and protect them from humidity.
Plates lock each other and do not need to be fixed on sub-platesfloor.
Hardwood floors are required to complete the pedal.
Not very good laminate floor
Suitable for spiral or curved stairs due to the need for cutting.
Similarly, this floor can be worn out relatively quickly in case of heavy traffic.
However, it is low cost, easy to maintain and easy to make up for this.
Many people choose carpets on the stairs.
The carpet is available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, textures and prices to suit a variety of flavors and needs.
The carpet sounds great.
Absorbing Materials, which is an obvious advantage in busy areas such as stairs.
In winter, its feet are soft and warm.
The main drawback of the carpet is the high level of maintenance required to keep it clean.
It is easy to collect dust, which can be a problem for allergic patients.
Also, it is easy to show dirt and stains, especially when the stairs are close to the outer door.
In this case, it may be necessary to install plastic runner-up to protect the carpet from wear and tear.
The suede carpet also dropped faster.
Traffic Area, which makes it difficult for the carpet to look fresh and fresh.
Although the carpet is a little more complicated than the laminate floor installation, this is the most experienced job --it-yourselfers.
Tiles can be mounted on wood or concrete.
They come in a variety of colors and patterns and the price varies depending on the quality.
Choose a non
Non-slip or textured finish will prevent potential accidents caused by tile slip.
Ceramic is a very durable product that does not wear out even when traffic is heavy.
Clean and easy.
Its main drawback is that it is hard and cold at the foot.
Professional installation is recommended, especially for curved or spiral stairs, but experienced installationit-
You can manage the job yourself.
In order to obtain greater resistance, epoxy grouting is recommended.
VinylGood quality vinyl is a relatively good-value solution.
This material has a wide variety of styles, colors and textures and is well integrated with all types of decor.
Its thickness determines its quality, durability and price.
Usually by being exposed to the Sun, vinyl can change the color a little.
Maintenance is very easy: just sweep and wash with soapy water.
Applying wax from time to time helps keep it shiny.
Although vinyl is relatively easy to install, the manufacturer\'s technology varies.
Some products must be glued to the whole surface with glue, while others can only stick to the edges.
The thicker the vinyl, the less easy it is to handle and cut.
The stair pedal should be done with plastic noise.
ConcreteConcrete is becoming more and more popular with the decoration of fans.
However, this staircase has to be custom built because the weight of the concrete means that it cannot be installed on an existing staircase.
A concrete staircase that includes a metal hanger without a riser.
The advantage of concrete is that it is a very durable material that requires little maintenance.
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