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Baicheng gloves tell you the environmental protection of cotton wool gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-10
Cotton wool gloves are a type of labor gloves made of cotton fabrics and sewn by hand. In manufacturing workshops, the cotton gloves used by workers for protection or quality management are usually called cotton gloves. It is also widely used in the market because of its beautiful, economical, environmentally friendly, and very good sweat-absorption and breathability characteristics. Cotton wool gloves have strong applicability, and have good breathability, stretchability, environmental protection and abrasion resistance; cotton wool gloves are suitable for seasonal use, so they are very popular and have become the most demanded and widely used in the market. A kind of labor gloves. Cotton wool gloves are widely used. Products that can be used all year round will affect environmental protection when used in large quantities. Fortunately, most of the materials used for cotton wool gloves are environmentally friendly, so there will be no major problems. , The material can be recycled for the second time, cotton wool gloves can also be said to be environmentally friendly products, users can rest assured to use. The cold-proof principle of cotton wool gloves is from two aspects of wind and moisture. Among them, it is related to the performance of the raw materials used in cold-proof gloves. The material of cold-proof gloves is real leather or artificial leather, and the layer material. Inner layer material: wool, cotton or polymer materials have good comfort with the hand skin. With high-performance raw materials, exquisite workmanship is also indispensable. If the production process is simple, there may be leakage in the later use, and it will not be able to keep warm.
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