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Baicheng analyzes the cotton yarn quality and glove density of labor insurance gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-10
Let’s start with the name of labor insurance gloves. Most people understand the term “cotton yarn”, which means cotton is spun into a thread, which people call: cotton yarn (1) The quality of raw cotton yarn is many. There are two types of cotton and polyester-cotton. This type of yarn is also called: raw cotton yarn. Pure cotton is cotton-containing, that is to say, it is cotton yarn woven with cotton. Polyester cotton is cotton yarn that contains chemical fibers. Simply put, man-made fibers are blended into cotton and spun into cotton yarn. This polyester-cotton yarn usually has C80/T20, which means that the cotton yarn contains 80% cotton and 20% chemical fiber. Spinning. (2) Recycled cotton yarn is usually made of clothing scraps that are faded, rinsed and crushed into recycled cotton, which is then spun into cotton yarn. People call this cotton yarn: recycled cotton yarn. According to the quality and price of recycled cotton yarn, there are 5000-16000 yuan. Cotton yarn is common according to the thickness of the thread: (3) Cotton yarn count, cotton yarn is divided into yarn thickness according to quality and use. 1 Raw cotton yarn, common ones are: 8 counts 10 yarns, 21 yarns, 32 yarns, 40 yarns. We use 8-21 yarns for the labor protection gloves. At present, most of the gloves in the market require pure cotton yarn gloves to use raw yarn to make gloves. The price is higher than other quality gloves. . Therefore, the market generally only has samples, and all that is needed must be customized. 2 Recycled cotton yarn, the common ones are 3.5 yarns, 4.5 yarns, 5.5 yarns, 8 yarns and 16 yarns, which are used in glove making. At present, most of them choose 4.5-5.5 yarns. (4) The color of labor gloves. It is white 2 Recycled cotton yarn. Generally, it is natural white. The better one is bleaching. (5) Glove density. I will add here to inform you about the density of cotton yarn gloves. Commonly used are 7 stitches and 10 stitches. The judgment method is 7 stitches below. Yes, use our meter ruler to measure the upper and lower patterns of the gloves. If there are about 4 patterns in the centimeter, the gloves are made by 7-needle machine. If the 6 patterns are about 10 stitches, the 7-pin gloves are rough on the outside, 10 The needle looks exquisite.
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