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Application of inorganic glue in veneer process in plywood customization

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-06
As the demand for customized furniture rises, the demand for customized veneer wood panel products has also increased. The storage of good veneer wood panel products is a point that needs attention, because the finished veneer wood panel product customized products There is no need to carry out the drying process again. If the storage location is humid, the harm to the product is great. Shanghai Qin Ge, a manufacturer of customized wood panel products with many years of experience, will explain the anti-corrosion measures customized for veneer wood panel products.

1. In the process of producing veneer wood panel product customization, attention should be paid to reducing the water content in the production process, which can effectively improve the use performance of veneer wood panel product customization.

2. You can apply chemical preservatives on the veneer wood panel product customized surface or internally, which is also a good antiseptic method, but because the chemical components contained in chemical preservatives often threaten human health, we recommend The use of methods to control water content is more ecological and environmentally friendly.

3. After the customized veneer wood panel product is produced and processed, the operator must be careful not to place the finished veneer wood panel product in an excessively humid place, which will seriously affect the quality of the veneer wood panel product customization.

The customized production requirements for veneer wood panel products are extremely strict. Only a good production process and strict standards can produce a good product.

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