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Anhui etiquette gloves are very versatile

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-16
The main raw materials of ceremonial gloves are knitted jersey, cotton wool, and spandex fabrics. The most common ones are cotton wool fabrics. The jersey gloves, cotton wool gloves, and cotton gloves that we often say in the market are the names of the incarnations of ceremonial gloves. One is that in some meetings and banquets in our daily lives, people wear clean white cloth gloves as protection for hygiene. This naturally forms a part of etiquette in people's meetings over time. The second purpose is to use gloves for certain activities, such as gloves worn by athletes when entering the stadium, gloves for raising flags, gloves for armed police and patrol officers, gloves for military parade, and gloves for special ceremonies. , Are called ceremonial gloves. The biggest feature of ceremonial gloves is white, which means clean. The third purpose is that one of the gloves we circulate is called labor gloves, such as jewelry operations, electronic operations, precision parts operations, quarantine gloves, and wiping gloves. The four uses are more extensive, such as baseball gloves and billiard gloves in life. Sanitary gloves, morning exercise gloves, band gloves, and other gloves suitable for etiquette. The fabric material is generally 32S or 40S combed polyester and pure cotton fabrics. The suggestion here is to use pure cotton. Wearing polyester cotton for a long time is harmful to the opponent's skin, and it is easy to slip when grasping objects, which can cause accident factors. Pure cotton not only protects the skin, but also has air permeability and high moisture absorption, making it better to protect the hands.
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