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Analyze the characteristics of jersey gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-17
Our work and life are inseparable from our hands. Take care of our hands and create a better life. In life and work, many places are inseparable from manual labor, whether it is eating, sweeping the floor, typing on the keyboard, etc., they all need to be completed by hands. There are too many factors that are not conducive to hand health in such a working and living environment. -do you complain that the skin on your hands is getting rougher and rougher, do you complain that the calluses on your hands are getting thicker, do you complain that your hands are always peeling, and sometimes the skin on your hands is very dry and painful ? This can only show one problem, the hand is injured. Precisely because we must use our hands in both work and life, the protection of our hands is particularly important. Due to the different working environment, the degree of injury to the hands is also different. For workers in the chemical industry, it is particularly important to prevent corrosion and acidification, so you must wear anticorrosive gloves; for the cutting industry, prevent hand cuts. Scratches are very important, so you need to wear gloves to prevent cuts; for employees working at high temperatures, they must wear high temperature resistant gloves; labor gloves for workers in a live working environment, they must wear insulating gloves Up. In various working environments, the protective measures we need are also different. But the most important thing is that we must learn how to protect our hands and take good care of our hands.
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