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Advantages and scope of application of cotton wool gloves

by:Qin Ge Ceramic & Building     2021-03-15
Among the many labor gloves, the work gloves made of cotton wool are the most worthy of our mention. Because it is not only low in price, only 1-2 yuan per pair of gloves, if it is sold directly from the factory and ordered in large quantities, the ex-factory price will be cheaper. Moreover, it is easy to wear, comfortable, non-irritating, non-allergic, suitable for all men, women and children! Cotton wool work gloves can absorb sweat, dust and abrasion products, and avoid collision and damage to the product. Cotton wool work gloves are simple to use and convenient to wear; they have strong applicability, and have good breathability, stretchability, environmental protection and wear resistance. Cotton work gloves are suitable for various seasonal use, and are also widely used in hardware factories, furniture factories, electronics, printing, electronic assembly, general assembly, handling, gardening, electroplating, plastics and other operators and quality control personnel. It is also suitable for other Wear and use during labor. With the above-mentioned advantages, it is not difficult to see that cotton wool work gloves are very popular with people, and therefore they have become the most demanded and widely used labor gloves in the market. Such as construction sites, handling, electroplating workshops, metal stamping, maintenance, machinery manufacturing, glass processing, chemical construction, laboratories, airports, gas stations, oil smelting fisheries, plastic factories, chemical plants, steel manufacturing, shipyards, electronics factories, For most working environments such as packaging factories, printing companies, electrical engineering, machinery manufacturing, restaurants, canteens, etc., cotton work gloves are the best choice for economical and practical use. Mainly for production or labor use. Such as workers working in workshops, farmers working in the fields, nurses in hospitals, doctors and so on. But now the scope has expanded, not just limited to this, many people wear this kind of gloves.
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